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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, May 11, 2015

How About A Candidate That...

Here's the Nonsense:  We need a solid, experienced politician to defeat the establishment Republicans in the primaries and the Democrats in the general election of 2016.  Only a politician can reach Americans.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The biggest negative any candidate has is their political experience.  Even if they've done a good job (rare to find), the general, uninformed public are tired of and turned off by politics and politicians.  We need a unique kind of candidate if we're serious about winning in 2016.

If we want to win in 2016 we need a candidate who will inspire the majority of voters.  And whether we like it or not, the majority of voters are not aware of what is going on in our government.  They are not those of us who are involved and well informed about what's happening in America.  They are driven by self-interest and how easy their lives are.  The economy and jobs drives their decisions, not what is happening in the news.  In fact, most of them never watch or read the news.  If you showed a picture of the politicians running for 2016, I'm sure that the majority would not be able to name most of them.  We must have a candidate who not only can get their attention, but has qualities that can overpower both the Democrats and the establishment Republicans.

I've already written a few posts about some of the candidates for 2016.  Recently I even wrote one post that showed how odds makers show Jeb Bush in a dramatic lead for the Republican nomination and, even worse, are putting odds on Hillary Clinton winning in the general election.  Even with Jeb's huge lead among Republicans, they are showing Hillary with overwhelming odds over him and all other Republicans to win the general election. Interestingly NOT ONE radio host that had me on their shows to discuss it understood that it was ODDS MAKERS (bookies to put it in other terms), NOT POLLS that were saying that.  These are the people who take bets on who's going to win.  But the hosts were so focused on the idea of polls and the fact that they can be easily skewed that they ignored what I wrote and said (and the link I provided to support it).  

The fact is that regardless of what radio hosts or anyone else thinks, 2016 is not looking as bright as many think.  It's a long, tough battle to get the GOP nomination... and then there's the general election.  And the Republican candidates who are moving to the top of the polls are not necessarily ones who have much of a chance of winning.  Remember, the establishment GOP has vowed on more than one occasion to destroy the conservative movement and they would rather have a Democrat win than a conservative.  It would take a unique and formidable candidate to win over all of that.

What if there was someone out there who would run that really could take on the Democrats and win in spite of the attacks by the establishment GOP, election fraud, and media being against them?

What if there was a candidate that:
  • Could draw crowds and media at an event away from other candidates, even ones who have skyrocketed in the polls
  • Could get the press corps to clamor for his attention
  • Had no trouble raising all the money he needs for his campaign without becoming indebted to any group or individual (no political paybacks after the election)
  • Said what he thinks and didn't care what anyone including the media, the politicians, and the lobbyists think
  • Wouldn't be afraid of standing up to any world leader
  • Wouldn't back down in standing up for America and her allies
  • Had more experience successfully negotiating agreements than all other candidates combined
  • Understands the economy and how it impacts businesses, jobs, and citizens more than any other candidate
  • Would stand up for American business at home and around the world to create an economic recovery and juggernaut that would shake the world
  • Is not a Washington insider, but is more in tune with the American people than politicians are
  • Believes that countries like China and Mexico have had too many American companies move their manufacturing there and would do things such as use taxes to bring it back to America
  • Believes it's time to stand up for women's rights in other countries like the Middle East
  • Sees the disaster that the Iran nuclear deal is and would change it and other bad deals America has entered into
  • Would build a wall and shut down the open border we have to create security for our nation
  • Is a known name to more American households than anyone else in the race
Who is this candidate?  It's Donald Trump.

Some will scoff or even laugh at the idea.  But if you really want to win the 2016 election, there is no other candidate that has a record that can compare to his.  The establishment is going to force someone like Jeb Bush on us as the nominee (and if they can't get enough momentum for Jeb, they'll turn to a secondary establishment choice like Marco Rubio and try to sell him as a conservative).

The American people have proved they won't step up like they did in 1980 and force a candidate on the establishment like they did when they forced them to accept Ronald Reagan.  The vast majority of Americans are uninvolved and don't even know what's happening in our government.  And that's why the Democrats have such success controlling them.  When someone is not aware, they can be easily manipulated.

The American people won't get involved, they will continue to want to be entertained.  They ask only one question when making a decision:  "What in it for me?"  These days that boils down to the economy and jobs.  Whoever can show that they can make the economy better and create jobs will have an edge in 2016. 

That's the very reason why Trump is known to more Americans than any other Republican running. He's known for huge business and personal success.  He is an example of the American dream and proud of it.  People want to have lives like his.  He has more experience fixing things and being successful than all of the other candidates combined.  He is outspoken and tells it like he sees it.  That is quintessentially American.  And that will speak to the uniformed voters more than any message any other candidate is presenting.

He may be outrageous at times, but of the candidates running (or people showing interest in running), no one has the ability to reach the average, everyday uninvolved Americans than Trump does.  

If we want to win, we need to seriously consider who can best reach the mass of America.  

Trump could very well be that guy.