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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Embracing Trump As A Candidate Is Critical For GOP To Win

The Horse Sense Blog compares the nonsense in today's news with good ol' fashioned horse sense.

Here's the Nonsense:  The GOP can stop Trump if they just continue to point out that his followers are foolish clowns and he's a sideshow, not a serious Republican candidate.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The only way to keep Trump from both the nomination and a third party run is to accept him as a candidate and beat him on the field of ideas.

First they didn't think he'd run.  Then he announced he was running.  Then they said he'd never file the required financial information.  Then he filed the financial information that confirmed his run.  At every turn not only the pundits and media doubted Trump, but the Republican Party doubted him.  And at every turn he's proved them wrong.  Then they attacked him (actually, they continue to do so) and his poll numbers continue to rise.  Even the other Republican candidates, with the exception of only a few, have attacked him.  And there's a good chance that those childish attacks will do them serious damage with the voters.   Breitbart even reported that one of the GOP's top strategists ran to Politico to bash Trump's followers as "clowns."  (Hmmm...makes you wonder if he and McCain have been talking!)  

The GOP is terrified of Trump and are hoping that attacking him will destroy his candidacy.  Their attacks do nothing but drive more people to support Trump.  And now, even though Trump has said he wants to run as a Republican, it is being reported that the GOP have been trying to plot ways to try to keep him out of the debates. 

Even though Trump has plainly said that all he wants is for the GOP to treat him fairly.  And most likely if they would do that he would play as part of the team and if he didn't get the nomination he wouldn't run as a third party candidate.  But, they continue to push him away.  They use the political methods of Democrats to try to shut down the most popular candidate in the Republican field. 

The only thing they will succeed at by doing this is that they will drive the voters away from the party.  It won't matter whether Trump runs as a third party candidate because these voters will not support any Republican if the GOP treats a favored candidate this way.  They will stay home and not vote, or they will find independent candidates to vote for, but either way the GOP will lose their votes because of their treatment of Trump, which simply comes across as the disdain the GOP has for them as voters.

Many people are afraid of a 3rd party run by Trump, but they don't realize that the GOP is sealing their fate by their actions, not by the choices Trump makes.  Their actions tell Trump's voters that they are not important to the party. 

If the GOP wants to eliminate Trump's chances of becoming the nominee, then their other candidates need to start talking like Trump with straightforward truths that speak to the hearts of Americans.  And they have to present solutions that are better than Trump's solutions. 

The only way to stop Trump is to beat him with better ideas and solutions.  Trump has said he wants to run as a Republican and if he's beaten with better ideas he would most likely support that candidate with better ideas and not run as a 3rd party candidate.  But if he continues to be treated the way he's been treated, there's a great chance he will leave the party and run as a 3rd party candidate.

The politics of Washington won't work this time.  They must embrace Trump's candidacy as a legitimate Republican candidacy and win the voters away from Trump with ideas or they will lose the voters altogether.  It's that simple. 

And if they can't come up with better ideas and solutions, then they should welcome Trump as the man who is articulating a message that Americans of all kinds are embracing.  Even lifelong Democrats like the schoolteacher in Laredo that said this week he'll vote for Trump because Trump offers solutions.  Trump is appealing to voters across party lines and even people who normally don't vote.  There's no other Republican candidate getting that kind of response from the public.

If Republicans want to win elections, they have to have better ideas, not play the personal attack game.  Americans are tired of Washington politics and they're not going to put up with it​.  If Republicans insist on Washington politics as usual, they'll lose the voters regardless of whether or not Trump is in the race.​