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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trump Takes A Stand On Amnesty

The Horse Sense blog compares the nonsense in today's news with good ol' fashioned horse sense.

Here's the Nonsense:  Trump hasn't said what he's going to do with illegals who are already in America.  He hasn't given us the details about his plans and that probably probably means he doesn't have any details.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Trump's a big picture guy and successful people like him always deal with the details.  For those who doubt him, he's now stated exactly what he'd do with illegals already in the U. S.

Trump's detractors have looked for any way they can to attack him.  One of those ways has been to ignore the obvious, not do enough research, and then make unfounded statements.  One of the things they're tried to claim is that Trump has no details in his plans for America and lately have tried to go after him about where he stands on amnesty for illegal immigrants.  For those who cannot understand, last night he stated his position as clearly as a person could. 

Clearly they don't understand how a successful businessman thinks.  People like Trump are big picture people.  Yes, they deal with the details.  If they didn't, they'd never be so successful.  But their overall thought patterns look at the big picture and it allows them to see what most people miss.  A good example is a story I wrote about Trump in this post, where I talked about a property he purchased in California and the management felt they didn't have enough room for banquets and other events.  They wanted to do a major construction project that would cost millions and take years to solve their problem.  Trump walked into the room and realized immediately the problem was not the size of the room, but that their chairs were so big they couldn't get as many people in the room as needed.  He replaced the chairs with smaller ones and increased seating capacity by over 50%.  Then he sold the old chairs and that paid for the news ones.  He avoided shutting down the property for reconstruction, the added costs, and the pain of all the bureaucracy they'd have had to deal with in a remodel.  No one else saw it, he saw it as soon as he walked in.  That's big picture thinking.

Last night on Hannity, Trump was asked about what he'd do about the illegal immigrants already in the U. S.  After all, we know he wants to seal the border and control who gets into the country to make our nation more secure.  Gateway Pundit reports that Trump answered the question quite clearly.  He said:

"I would get rid of the bad ones, the criminals, we have a lot of people who are here who shouldn’t be here. And, I don’t want to house them in our jails because it’s costing a fortune. I want them to go back to the country where they came from. Not only Mexico, plenty of other countries. They are pouring across the border. So that’s number one. Then there’s number two. There’s some great people. But, you either have laws or you don’t have laws. I would get them back to where they are and I would try to work out a process to where they could come in legally. But, they have to come in legally, Sean. It’s about laws."

That's about as clear as it gets.  He'll deport the bad ones, those who have committed crimes since they arrived here.  Then he'd also send the others back but if they've been good people and not committed crimes, he'd give them a process to come back legally. That's about as clear as it gets.  And why would he do it that way?  As Trump stated, "It's about laws."

Trump understands that our laws are important.  So, unlike the vast majority of Republican candidates, he doesn't see amnesty as the answer.  Rather, he sees a requirement that people abide by our laws.  That's just what is needed.  

Very few GOP candidates will take a stand like that.  But once again, Trump is taking a stand and not worried about people's reactions.  He's more worried about doing what's right than about political correctness.  And that's something the other candidates better learn if they want to compete with him.