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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fox vs. Trump: Most People Are Missing The Point That Matters Most

The Horse Sense Blog compares the nonsense in today's news with good ol' fashioned horse sense.

Here's the Nonsense:  It doesn't matter what happened at the debate.  Donald Trump was wrong to attack Megyn Kelly and it was wrong for Megyn Kelly to ask Trump the kinds of questions she asked him.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The questions asked at the debate and the things said since have nothing to do with the real issue in this situation.  The real issue is about the rights of American voters and clearly Fox News, the GOP, and even the other candidates are not interested in those rights.

The fiasco that has taken place during and after the Republican debate has people talking about everything except the most important point.  Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly and Fox News and the other candidates is superficial nonsense that, as usual, the media and American people are focusing on.  They have once again chosen to be sidetracked by the insignificant and ignore an issue of voter's rights.

While people are screaming about the questions Kelly and other Fox moderators posed to Trump and others are screaming about what Trump has said, the real issue is that there was a clear attempt to take out a candidate that some people don't like thereby taking away the ability of the voters to decide who they want as their candidate.  Americans have a right to decide who they want in elected office.  No one has the right to take that away.  But that's exactly what we've seen happen in the past few days.

As conservatives we're all supposed to be responsible for ourselves.  A woman is supposed to be perfectly capable of standing up for herself.  And man is supposed to be able to say what he thinks, regardless of how popular, polished, or poignant it is.  More than anything, we're supposed to be able to make up our own minds and not be bullied into submission by someone who thinks they know better than we do what's best for us.  The progressive left are the ones who believe that they need to control our lives because they don't think we're capable of knowing as well as they do what's best for us.

The GOP establishment (GOPe) has had it in for Trump from the beginning.  They and their big donors are doing everything they can to stop him.  He represents Main Street and they represent Wall Street.  Wall Street is the big banks, investment firms, and big businesses that want an establishment Republican or Democrat as president because it furthers their agenda.  Trump is nothing like that.  He's a man who makes his money by building, selling, and running things.  He's a Main Street businessman just like the small businesspeople across this nation who've made America great.  Trump's operation is just a lot larger than those of most businesspeople.  And the big money donors for both the GOPe and Democrats hate Main Street.

WND is reporting that on his Friday program, the day after the Republican debate, Rush Limbaugh said that the big money GOP donors had put out an order to Fox to take out Trump.  It was clear that was their goal from the start.

When the debate started the first thing the Fox News moderators did was pose a question to the candidates.  They asked them if they'd commit to supporting whoever the party nominee was and if they'd agree to not run as a 3rd party candidate.  Everyone agreed except Donald Trump, who had the guts to say no.  Trump wasn't about to be pushed into a place where he couldn't negotiate.  He was fully aware that the GOP establishment wanted him out of the race.  He knew his strongest negotiating tactic would be the threat of a 3rd party run.  He has expressed in the past and even tried to express that night that he wasn't going to support someone he didn't believe was a good candidate.

Let's look at this for a minute.  Unlike everyone else on that stage and the GOPe who run the party, Trump recognizes that not everyone on that stage can beat the Democrats.  He also recognizes that not everyone will do good things for America.  So he refuses to accept anything less than someone who can win and do what is needed.

Many have criticized him for this, but the fact is that he didn't run in 2012 because he decided to play it the GOPe leadership's way and support Romney.  The disastrous result is history.  Trump's a self-made man who, when push comes to shove, most likely believes that when all else fails and you want something done right you have to do it yourself.  I have suspected all along that his entry into the 2016 race was because he hasn't seen anyone who he believes can fix America, he's only seen the same old political nonsense that somehow passes for solutions.

Trump knew going into the debate that Fox was out to get him.  He expressed to some who were close to him that he was nervous about that, not about dealing with the other candidates.  And he was right.  My guess is that with his connections someone probably quietly informed him what was happening so he wouldn't be blindsided.

Let's remember who Fox News is and how they operate.  Back in 1996 when they started they came up with the theme "fair and balanced."  They were a hit and took the cable news industry by storm.  They gave the American voters a place to hear more of the news.  No more panels of all Democrats and maybe one Republican (and that Republican would almost always be an establishment Republican, not a true conservative).

Soon, because they weren't as far left as the mainstream networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN, they were called a conservative network, even though they really weren't.  As recently as 2011 UCLA did a study of the news networks and found Fox News to be to the left of center.  They just weren't as far left as the others.

As Fox News grew they were able to accomplish primetime viewership of about 1% of the American population on good nights.  Sometimes, during special events, they achieved slightly higher numbers, but they have never been able to reach a significant number of American households.

But some conservative voters wanted to watch TV for news instead of looking for deeper and more complete coverage of the news by reading it (or even listening to it via some of the few solid radio shows that covered the issues in depth).  For these people Fox News was everything.  Their spouses can often be heard groaning that the only thing that's ever on the TV in their homes is Fox News.

To build viewership Fox chose to appeal to the prurient interests of male viewers by going out of their way to hire attractive females for their shows.  Fox host Brian Kilmeade has said Fox hires its talent by going to the Victoria's Secret catalog.

While Bill O'Reilly (who Rush Limbaugh refers to as Ted Baxter, after the character on the old Mary Tyler Moore Show - and is fairly accurate in his labeling) spouts moderate viewpoints and discusses stories that are usually well after they are breaking news, he does sit in the catbird seat of the primetime schedule.  This has won him the ratings records for Fox.  That is, until recently when Fox decided they could put one of their female up and coming broadcasters in a show that would not only have a little bite, but would use Fox's effective appeal to American males' carnal interests.  This created Megyn Kelly's show which has done quite well, even eclipsing O'Reilly at times.  It's been said that she's the future of Fox News.

Now let me pause here and respond to those of you who may criticize my mentioning Fox's appeal to men's carnality to attract viewers.  No once can deny Fox has done this or that they have changed network news personnel's appearance dramatically by having the women dress less professionally to grab more attention.

None of this should be a surprise since our nation has abandoned morality and is more focused on their carnal desires than wholesomeness.  As I addressed back in 2011 in my book, No Tomorrows, that's the single largest reason our nation is not just morally bankrupt, but also why we are in so much trouble as a nation.

So, given how far from any sense of wholesomeness that America finds itself, we should not be surprised when we see things erupt at the recent Republican debate and afterwards that look a lot like a WWE Smackdown.  Not only are things down to a level that never would happen in a respectful and moral society, but they are so low they'd embarrass Jesus' disciples to the point of blushing if they were alive to see it.  

Kelly attacked (and attacked is the correct word) Trump during the debate asking him a question about a situation from a season 6 episode of his Apprentice show.  Season 6 goes back quite a few years since the show has been on for over a decade.  But Fox researchers clearly dug deep to find things to use against Trump.  

Kelly threw at him a comment he'd made about a woman getting on her knees would be a pretty sight.  The inference was that it was a sexual reference.  But radio host Mark Levin looked into it and found the truth, which makes Fox look just as sleazy as any tabloid trying to create a story out of nothing.

Levin, who has not endorsed Trump and I'll be surprised if he does, was disgusted by what happened at the debate.  He said on his radio show that he'd found the original Apprentice segment.  In it there is discussion that this woman wanted something so bad she'd beg for it on her knees.  Trump's response was that that would be a pretty sight.  The age-old idea of someone getting on their knees to beg has nothing to do with sex and, frankly, only a debased mind would automatically think that the comment meant that.  But then, we are a nation that is morally bankrupt so it shouldn't surprise us when that's the first place people's minds go.

It's important to note that when Fox found it they had to have found the entire segment from the show, just as Mark Levin did.  And they knew exactly what was meant when Trump originally said it, but they decided to twist it and use it against him with implications that made him look bad.  That's not just tacky, that's deceitful and unethical.  They're lucky Trump hasn't sued them over it (then again, he may be thinking that very thing).

After the debate Trump made some negative statements about how he was treated and that even though he'd always been nice to Kelly, she had treated him badly.  I think he was absolutely right in his assessment.  But people stated to get defensive that poor little Megyn was being attacked by this big, bad man.

Later Trump was interviewed and in talking about what happened he made a statement saying of Kelly that it was like blood was coming out of her eyes and blood was coming out of her wherever.  Immediately the debased minds of America jumped into action and assumed he was referring to her menstrual cycle.  In response to an inquiry about it Trump said he was not referring to anything sexual, but was referring to blood coming out of her nose and ears.  In fact, he even said that it was sick for someone to think what people were saying he meant.

Trump is right, that kind of thinking is sick.  I have to say that when I first heard it, before I heard anything more than just what Trump's words were, my first reaction about "blood from wherever" was that he either fumbled for words or meant something like blood coming out of her ears or nose or mouth.  

But the disgusting minds of many Americans immediately assumed it was a sexual reference.  There was no thinking about what God tells us our thoughts should focus on.  In Philippians 4:8 it says, "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent and praiseworthy - think about such things."  God tells us our thoughts are to be pure, not focused on debased thoughts.

But instead of pure thoughts people immediately jumped to negative conclusions.  So much so that Erick Erickson of disinvited Trump from speaking Saturday at an event in Atlanta.  Erickson said he didn't want his wife or daughter to hear from a man who blamed things on hormones, so he disinvited Trump.  It's ironic for a few reasons:

1.)  Erickson has had to apologize in the past for names he's called people.

2.)  Erickson immediately goes down in the gutter with his thoughts instead of trying to understand what was really meant.  What about the idea that someone is innocent until proven guilty?  But Erickson didn't give Trump a chance to explain, his debased mind just assumed the worst.

3.)  This is by far the most important point.  Erickson decided that just like the progressives who control Washington right now, he's going to decide what's best for people.

As I said earlier, according to Rush Limbaugh the big donors to the GOPe put out the order to Fox to take down Trump and they tried.  The GOPe is trying to decide who voters should be allowed to choose between as candidates.  And Erick Erickson did the same thing by disinviting Trump to his event. reported that after the debate Fox host and moderator "Bret Baier was joined by Charles Krauthammer, Kirsten Powers, and Jonah Goldberg, who were all very critical of the billionaire real estate mogul.  Krauthammer questions Trump's previous reputation as a 'tough guy,' wondering how he would be able to handle world leaders if he was so easily offended by a few debate questions.  Chiming in was Powers, who stated, 'If he can't answer these kinds of questions, he shouldn't be running for president.'  Going even further was Goldberg who accused Trump of 'blackmail(ing) the Republican Party not to be mean to him.'"  

Like so many in the media, they entirely miss the point.  They even miss the highly unethical things their employer, Fox News, did.  But what would you expect?  It is the rare person with the integrity to stand up against the one who holds their paycheck and speak out against them.

Many of the other candidates are also missing the point and slamming Trump for what he's said.  They should be standing up against the attack on Trump, not because they necessarily agree with him, but because he has the right to say it and the voters have a right to decide if he's who they want as their president.  But their desire to get tough competition out of the race overrides their sense of right and wrong.  

This says volumes about those candidates who've criticized Trump instead of standing up for him.  America's founders were willing to die for a person's right to say what they thought, even if they didn't agree with them.  That concept has been totally forgotten by both the media and the candidates who've attacked Trump.  They put their best interest over the rights of the American people to decide for themselves.

The American voters have the right to decide who will be president and no one has the right to take that away from them.  Getting outraged that a man would say the things Trump said to Kelly or that Kelly would dare ask the questions she posed to Trump not only isn't the point, but it flies in the very face of conservative principles.

We believe women are equal and can stand up for themselves.  While we certainly understand that, by nature, women and children are generally smaller and not as strong as men so men should protect them, that doesn't apply to intellectual combat.  

Megyn Kelly is an adult and can take care of herself.  She has no right to use unethical tactics and present facts in a way that is dishonest when posing a question to a candidate.

Donald Trump is also an adult and if he says something offensive then voters have the right to decide whether or not they want to support his candidacy.

Let's make one point extremely clear.  There is definitely a difference in Kelly's and Trump's actions, no matter what interpretation you take for Trump's words.  

Mark Levin has shown that Kelly participated in a planned, deceptive attack on Trump.  It was unethical at the very least.  

Trump, on the other hand, responded and used words that some interpret to be inappropriate.

Inappropriate does not equate to unethical.

But all that said, the entire point is that this isn't about Donald Trump or Megyn Kelly or even Fox News.  Yes, many people are angry and have cancelled cable subscriptions that carry Fox.  Others have decided not to follow Trump.  But this isn't about that.  It's about people trying to take out a candidate and not let the voters decide.  It's that simple.  The rest is superficial and debating it is a fool's errand.

It's not up to the media, Fox News, or anyone else to choose who we should consider for political office.  By doing what they've done they are no better than the mainstream media who align themselves with the progressives and try to force their candidate down our throats.