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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hillary: Prison, Presidency, or Private Life?

 The Horse Sense Blog compares the nonsense in today's news with good ol' fashioned horse sense.

Here's the Nonsense:  Hillary Clinton's email scandal is the end of her campaign and the end of her life as a free person.  There's no doubt she's going to prison for this one.

Here's the Horse Sense:  No matter where you stand on the seriousness of Hillary's email scandal, there is virtually no chance she's going to prison for this one.  She's more likely to end up as president or just return to private life.

There's all this talk about Hillary's email scandal.  And so many people think she's going to prison over it.  Others are sure it's much ado about nothing.  Frankly, with both Bill and Hillary Clinton's history of scandal this should surprise no one.  But where is Hillary headed?

This scandal has been beaten to death by conservative media with no sign of them letting up on their hopeful thinking anytime soon.

The real issue boils down to a simple question:  Will this result in prison, the presidency, or private life for Hillary?

We certainly can't know exactly what will happen.  But we can use some horse sense to get a good idea of where it's headed.

Barack Obama wants his legacy to continue into the next presidency.  He believes he's the greatest president America has ever had and that his presidency marks a milestone of change for America.  Unfortunately he is right, but that change is not a good thing.  Whoever takes office in 2017, he wants them to win by running as a 3rd term of his presidency.  

Even though he and Hillary have the same goals for America, they are mortal enemies.  Hillary will certainly only want to build her own legacy and give little, if any credit to Obama. As a result, you can be sure that Obama does not want her as the candidate for the 2016 election.

My guess is that a lot of the information coming out about Hillary's problems is being put out there by the Obama administration.  They are probably trying to undermine her campaign and get her to drop out.

Remember, in 2007 when Hillary was running for the presidency against Obama she was fighting hard.  Then, all of a sudden, she met with Obama's people and overnight she threw in the towel and put her support behind Obama.  

Don't think for a moment that she wanted to quit.  She was most likely forced out of that race.  It's been rumored for years that threats of some kind were used to get her to drop out.  If so, it's very possible she's feeling similar pressure to force her out of this one, too.  

Let's face it, something like a threat of the Justice Department prosecuting her could be enough to get her to quit the race.

The Clintons are the poster children for politicians who nothing sticks to.  They are notorious for getting away with anything and everything.  But the Obamas and Clintons have a mutual hatred for each other.  This is a power struggle like none seen in the Democrat Party in generations, maybe ever.

Don't think for a moment that Bill Clinton running into Barack Obama on the golf course when they were each on vacation was a coincidence.  Do you really think the Secret Service didn't know that each one of them would be on that course at that time on that day?  More than likely it was a way for them to talk without it looking "official" and causing too many questions about what was discussed.  It's quite possible they were trying to negotiate some kind of deal.

If it looks like she can't get away from prosecution, then Hillary will have to find a way to gracefully get out of her campaign.  I doubt she'd ever admit fault about anything.  More than likely, if she can't shake this scandal, she and Bill will come up with some kind of health reason or other excuse that "forces" her to quit.  Don't be surprised if suddenly she releases an announcement saying something like, "Even though I want to serve the country, my health is going to keep me from continuing my run for the presidency."

Hillary's best bet to avoid a very embarrassing prosecution may very well be to claim she has some health problem and quietly retire to private life.  Whether she can shake this scandal or not remains to be seen.  We're a long way from the election and people, especially the mainstream media and Democrat voters, have short memories about Democrat candidates' misdeeds.  Don't forget that there is never any genuine concern shown about morals or integrity when it comes to Democrats.

The one thing we can be fairly sure of is that if Hillary gets out of the race, she's not going to admit she did anything wrong or that the scandal has forced her out.