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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Attacking Voters Is A Big Mistake

The Horse Sense Blog compares the nonsense in today's news with good ol' fashioned horse sense.

Here's the Nonsense:  The Republican establishment, pundits, and media are letting the Trump supporters know how stupid they are.  That's going to drive them away from Trump, cause him to leave the race, and move those voters to support other candidates.

Here's the Hose Sense:  The foolishness of attacking the voters is unfathomable.  It's a great way to create even more resentment and certainly won't drive voters to other Republicans.

Anything they can do to get Trump out of the race is what we're seeing.  Attacks, innuendo, even setting up a stupid online ad that accuses Trump of cheating on his golf game are all things people are trying to weaken Trump's poll numbers and drive him from the race.  One of the most common comes from pundits and "conservative" media who are saying he's not conservative.  Even the GOP establishment's chosen one, Jeb "Common Core & Amnesty lover" Bush, is trying to claim Trump isn't conservative.  It's quite funny considering that Jeb is about as far from conservative as a Republican gets.  They are all using the same tactics trying to get rid of The Donald.

What it all boils down to is that these people are actually attacking the voting base that support Trump.  Somehow they think that by attacking the base, calling them stupid, and trying to belittle them that they will drive them to abandon Trump and move their support to the other candidates.  

They've got a problem in doing this.  The base are angry.  No, not just angry, but REALLY, REALLY ANGRY!!  And they are no longer willing to sit back and take abuse from anyone.  

Any attack on the base will not cause them to move their support to another Republican candidate.  In fact, if Trump isn't in the race they will most likely either not vote or take their vote to an independent because they will no longer support people who attack them.

It's no different than a company selling a product.  If a company wants you to buy their product and their competitor is far outselling them, the worst thing the company can do is attack the customers who are buying the competitor's product.  That will not win the customers, it will drive them away.  

It's simple to understand, but the GOP establishment, the pundits, and the "conservative" media don't either.  If, for some reason, Trump is not the nominee, his supporters are not going to move their support to another Republican candidate after being attacked like this.  They will either stay home or take their vote to an independent.  It would assure a Democrat victory.  

John Nolte at Breitbart has had an ongoing debate with Jonah Goldberg about this.  Goldberg has written numerous articles attacking Trump's supporters and calling Trump just about every negative you could think of.  He has questioned Trump's conservatism and even suggested that Trump's supporters aren't really committed conservatives.  (Nolte's most recent response to Goldberg can be seen in its entirety here.)

Nolte has made it clear that Trump is not currently his top pick for the nomination, but he is determined to defend and support Trump's supporters and their right to make their own decisions.  Here's is a lengthy and very worthwhile excerpt from his latest response about Goldberg's attack:

But if you think that I’m going to get the vapors over Trump hurling flurries of sucker punches to keep his opponents off balance after I’ve sat here for three decades watching us lose like losers; after three decades of watching our useless and corrupt mainstream media openly express their admiration for the degenerate behavior practiced daily by Obama and Reid and the Clintons — think again.

Trump doesn’t just fight. He fights like a leftist. He fights like Obama. He fights like the mainstream media. And so far he is winning. (I explore the appeal of this in much more detail here.)

This from [Jonah] Goldberg, I think, explains not just his blindspot but the blindspot of many who agree with him. And I’m not talking about an ideological blindspot. Goldberg is a rock-ribbed conservative. The blindspot is his inability to give Trump supporters credit for being just as pure:

[Goldberg writes:]
To wit: I don’t think Trump is a conservative. I don’t think he’s a very serious person. I don’t think he’s a man of particularly good character. I don’t think he can be trusted to do the things he promises.

That is exactly how Trump supporters view The Establishment. In fact, it is a PERFECT description of a Republican Establishment that for two decades has grown the size of the federal government, refused to secure the border, attacked the Tea Party, surrendered to Democrats, and appeased our evil media at almost every opportunity (see a full list of GOP sins at Conservative Treehouse).

With that in mind, there is nothing NOT conservative about supporting Trump.

Trump supporters believe, and for good reason (Trump has been consistent on these issues), that Trump will…

1.   Defeat an existential threat to the Republican Party and by extension America by finally securing the border. For good reason (history, evidence), they don’t trust the others, or at least not as much.
2.   Kill terrorists.
3.   Lower middle class taxes.
4.   Simplify the tax code.
5.   Fix the Veterans Administration.
6.   Finally annihilate the feckless, dishonest, cowardly, insulting, snobbish, appeasing, corrupted Republican Establishment — and with it all their toxic cronies and parasites in the grifter Consultant Class and mercenary Chamber of Commerce.

Getting the big conservative things right and burning the diseased village to save the village sounds conservative enough for me.

Nolte makes good points.  Trump may not be everyone's perfect definition of a conservative, but I also have no doubt that very few people have truly looked into his plans for America.  It's well worth the time to do so.  I did back in July and wrote this post to share some of his plans for America.  

Trump is an agent of change, which is what the voters are demanding.  They want to tear the system down and believe Trump can do it better than anyone.  Trump's plans for America appear to be solid ideas that could greatly help America.

Given the support Trump's attracting from not just Republicans, but independents, Democrats, people who don't usually vote, he has a good chance of doing just what Reagan did by attracting those who don't usually vote Republican.  Even minorities are showing an unusually high level of favor for Trump (25% of blacks support Trump.  In the last 10 elections the highest a Republican has ever gotten was Bob Dole at 12%, Romney got only 6%. And he has a 34% favorability rating with Hispanics.).

Attacking those who support Trump is a sure-fire way to undermine the election process.  Trump certainly represents far more conservative solutions than many of the establishment candidates.