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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Krauthammer Exposes His Establishment Bias Against Carson

Here's the Nonsense:  While Charles Krauthammer may not prefer a Ben Carson presidency, at least he makes nice comments about him.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Charles Krauthammer is far too intelligent to make statements without serious thought behind them.  His comments about Carson are laced with backhanded slaps at Carson and those who would support him.

Fox News contributor Dr. Charles Krauthammer just can't help himself from attacking conservatives. His GOP establishment views are on full display again, this time in a Breitbart article where he is quoted using backhanded slaps at Dr. Ben Carson.  

Krauthammer, who for some reason people think is some brilliant political pundit, but seems more often than not to be wrong, is quoted as saying on Fox News' Special Report:

"If you were in bizarro world and had you to create an anti-Donald Trump, it would be Ben Carson.  Who knew that this was the summer of Carson?  He's slowly creeping along.  No one hears about him.  And, you know, yes, of course this is the outsiders.  Of course, Trump, Fiorina and Carson represent the anti-establishment.  But you have got to give Carson his due.  He is the ultimate gentle, soft-spoken family doctor.  Who cannot like the guy?  And he doesn't pretend.  He doesn't attack.  He is just very soft-spoken."  

Did you notice the sly way Krauthammer slipped in some slaps against Carson?  First, he says that if you're in "bizzaro world" and want to think of an anti-Trump candidate, it would be Ben Carson.  

Dr. Krauthammer slips in the idea that if you think Dr. Carson or Trump are legitimate candidates, you must be in bizarro world.  He didn't just say that Carson is a good alternative to Trump, he qualified it by referring to people who think these are legitimate candidates are in bizarro world.  (Don't forget that Krauthammer hates Trump and has had a feud with him for some time and has been trying to undermine Trump's candidacy.)

Then, once he's slipped in the idea that Carson as a challenger to Trump is something out of bizarro world, he goes on to use the classic method of "praising him while backhandedly slapping him" with a subtle reference to Dr. Caron as a family doctor.  He doesn't acknowledge that Carson is a cutting edge pediatric neurosurgeon with a record of innovation and success in his medical specialty that few physicians anywhere in the world can rival.  No, he refers to him as a "family doctor," which anyone who knows doctors would understand is a slap in the face to Dr. Carson.

Krauthammer is a doctor and he fully understands how to insult someone in medicine.  I'm sure this was no slip-up, but carefully chosen to undermine Carson's credibility.  

Since Krauthammer clearly knows that Dr. Carson is certainly one of the most respected physicians on the planet with a reputation of being the finest of humans beings, he knows he can't directly attack him without serious repercussions.  So, he uses a backhanded slap and then tops it all off by later saying about Carson, "I don't think in the end people will want - I'm not sure, but a man with no experience in the White House."

Krauthammer thinks we need experienced politicians in office.  That's typical of the inside-the-beltway mindset.  And where has that gotten us?  

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are experienced and that's gotten us nothing but failure.  I seem to remember that most of our nation's founders were not politicians.  And I think they did a pretty good job setting up and running the greatest nation in the history of the world.  

America was created to be a nation run by the people, not to be controlled by an elite few.  Elitist thinking is how people like Barack Obama think and whose true colors came out when he said:

"Ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs."

That's the progressive thought process that controls the Democrat Party and the GOP establishment who lead the Republican Party.

So, once again we have a Fox News personality supporting the GOP establishment by attacking a conservative.  Very simply, he's carrying out the Fox News goal of making sure conservatives are undermined so the GOP establishment candidates have the best chance to win in 2016.

Krauthammer is unprofessional for such an attack and it reveals his true colors.  Dr. Carson is rapidly rising in the polls and his support is growing.  His thoughtful responses to questions and life experiences give him a huge advantage over many candidates and he should not be taken lightly.  Whether you agree with him or not, he deserves respect. 

But this is nothing new for Fox News.  While my writing against Fox has caused reactions within conservative media that are both cowardly and uninformed, I will not back down from my stand on what Fox has become as I made clear in a recent post.

Other contributors on Fox are guilty of the same level of unprofessionalism.  George Will, who they also try to pass off as a conservative, continues to attack Trump and his supporters yet never seems to mention that his wife works for establishment contender Scott Walker.  He has a right to his opinion and may even disagree with his wife's choice, but he has an obligation to tell people of his wife's work.  Not doing so just shows a lack of integrity.  And each time he speaks he clearly makes an effort to build up the GOP establishment candidates.

When people disagree with candidates or prefer other candidates it's nothing new and we shouldn't be surprised.  But what should concern us is how they show their disagreement or preference.  Backhanded slaps at a man of Dr. Carson's stature just shows how low the attacker is.  And people like that should not be encouraged nor supported.  All it does is encourage more of the same behavior.