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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Would GOP Establishment Prefer Democrat Win Over A Non-Establishment GOP Candidate in 2016?

The Horse Sense Blog compares the nonsense in today's news with good ol' fashioned horse sense.

Here's the Nonsense:  When the GOP leadership had the candidates sign loyalty pledges it was a way to guarantee that all Republicans would work together to win in 2016.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The GOP leadership hoped the loyalty pledge would run Trump out of the race.  When it didn't work, and nothing else is working, they are starting to panic.  They are considering desperate measures if they can't get their candidate nominated.

With GOPe (GOP establishment) candidates having a hard time getting traction against the likes of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson, the GOPe leadership that control the party have tried everything they can think of to stop their support.  This is especially true of Trump because he's in the lead and tearing down the establishment and political correctness at every turn.  

While this is not unusual for the GOPe, one has to wonder just how far they'll go to stop non-establishment candidates from winning in 2016.  Are they so against the candidates supported by the grassroots voting base that they would actually prefer a Democrat win if a GOPe candidate can't get the nomination?

Garth Kant at WND is reporting that the GOPe is so concerned that it's being suggested that if Donald Trump were to get the nomination they should run a 3rd party candidate like Mitt Romney to kill Trump's chances of winning the White House.  

President George W. Bush's chief media strategist, Mark McKinnon, is reported in the WND article to have said about the possibility of Trump winning the nomination:

"The Republican establishment completely freaks out.  They get together and say, this is unacceptable, but it looks like it's going to happen.  So we go off, and we create a new Republican Party as an Independent candidacy and draft somebody who's tanned, rested and ready to go and with a lot of money, somebody like Mitt Romney."

Yes, this is from the same GOPe that demanded Trump sign a pledge that he wouldn't run as a 3rd party candidate if he didn't win the nomination.

But should we be surprised?  Absolutely not.

These are the same people who Steve Deace wrote about in the Washington Times back in 2014.  He told us how the GOPe mobilized Democrat voters in Mississippi's open primary to save Senator Thad Cochran from losing to a conservative challenger.

These are the same people who the Tea Party has reported work tirelessly to destroy non-establishment Republican candidates.

These are the same people who Guy Benson wrote about on where he said Mitch McConnell vowed to crush Tea Party candidates in 2014.

If the GOPe were to run a 3rd party candidate neither the GOPe candidate nor Trump (or any non-establishment Republican candidate) would win.  

The Republican vote would be split and the election victory would go to the Democrat candidate.  

But the hatred of the GOPe for those who do not bow to their altar of power is so great that they are willing to lose to the Democrats rather than align themselves with the grassroots voting base.

Think of it.  The same grassroots voting base that has kept the GOPe in power for years is hated so badly that the GOPe are willing to help the Democrats win to keep the grassroots from getting their candidates into power.  

They are not willing to work together with the base for a common goal.  Why?  Because they don't have common goals with the rest of us.  

Just like the Democrats, the GOPe want big government and all that goes along with it.  They know that if the Democrats win, they will still be in positions of power and influence as the minority party leadership.  But if the grassroots candidates win, the GOPe will be out of power.  They'd far rather have limited power under the Democrats than no power with the grassroots determining who is in office.

This is not just a love of power, it's an outright wholesale sellout of our nation to a Democrat Party that has been taken over by progressives and their communist agenda.  

Did you get that?  The GOPe is willing to sell out America to a communist agenda to retain power instead of joining the American people to bring our country back from the brink of destruction.

These people are not our friends.  These people are the ones who have caused a revolt by the grassroots voting base.  They are the ones who have promised over and over again to do the will of the people and continually go back on their word and support the Democrat agenda.

The grassroots are fed up.  They will no longer accept business as usual from the GOPe.  The entire reason outsider candidates like Trump, Carson, and Cruz have gained popularity is because of the actions of the GOPe.

The American voters are so fed up that they want someone from the outside who will tear the system down.  In fact, I believe they would rather see the Republican Party lose if they have an establishment candidate than elect them once again to continue their madness.  That's why there's more enthusiasm for the upcoming elections than we've seen since Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980.

But unfortunately a lot of voters are uninformed and supporting candidates who they think are not tied to the establishment when in reality they may very well be.  

While Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham are obvious establishment candidates, it's clear that many others like Marco Rubio and Scott Walker fall into the same category.  Even the new rising star Carly Fiorina has aligned herself with the establishment in the past and, as I wrote here, has some serious issues to address before anyone should throw their support behind her.

At this point the candidates who are unquestionably anti-establishment are Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Bobby Jindal.  All others, some of whom seem quite interesting, have questions to answer to prove themselves worthy of consideration.

Don't be deceived.  The fight has yet to really get under way.  The battle for 2016 is going to be nasty and hard to win.  We have enemies on all sides and we must be involved NOW.

This is not something you can afford to wait on.  You must be getting all the information you can now so you can make an informed decision to get the right candidates nominated in the primaries.  This means you need to be educating those around you, too, because most people won't do the homework required to do their civic duty responsibly.  

This is the crossroads many of us have been warning about for years.  Now is the time because if 2016 fails, there will never be another chance like you have now.  With the impact the American people are having on the system, if you lose this time there's no way either party is going to allow you the ability to do it again.  They will take action to restrict and restrain your ability to vote your conscience like Americans can still vote today.  

In the 2014 midterms the voters didn't get involved early enough and by the time they did, the GOPe already had the nominations all sealed up with GOPe candidates.  It was too late to get anyone else on the ballot.  America's future will be determined in the primaries, not the general election. 

The primary voting starts in only a few short months.  It's time to get educated and involved.