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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Foolish Voters Fall For Phony Conservatives Fiorina & Rubio - Pt. 2

The Horse Sense Blog compares the nonsense in today's news with good ol' fashioned horse sense.

Let's repeat the Nonsense and Horse Sense from Part 1 before we get into Part 2:

Here's the Nonsense:  We can tell just from a good interview or a good speech that candidates like Fiorina and Rubio are conservatives who have good plans for America.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Very few people do their own homework to know much about candidates before supporting them.  The lack of effort made to do research on your own is the reason so many people fell for Bill Clinton in 1992 and Barack Obama in 2008.

If you're smart enough to have abandoned hope in Carly Fiorina, the place to move your support is not Marco Rubio.  Rubio represents as serious a threat to America's return to greatness as Jeb Bush and any other establishment candidate.  Those who haven't seen who Rubio really is need to look closer.  A good speech that makes you feel good, a quick answer to an interviewer that tickles your ears, and a handsome young face are not enough to make a candidate worthy of support.

Were you offended when John McCain referred to supporters of Ted Cruz as wacko birds or Donald Trump's supporters as crazies? If not, you should have been, even if you don't support Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.  The reason is that that is an attack on conservatives who put the future of our country over the importance of party loyalty.  Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are among the few who are willing to stand up against the establishment GOP that controls the Republican Party and that has worked hand-in-hand with Obama and the Democrats to advance their agenda.  And that's an agenda that is destroying America, as I outlined in my book, No Tomorrows, in 2011.  

Whether you support those types of candidates or someone else, if you love America then you should be offended when a politician attacks supporters of liberty loving candidates because it's an attack on you, too.  And when Marco Rubio recently said he wouldn't be part of Donald Trump's freak show he was calling you part of the freak show.  He has the same disdain for liberty loving voters that the rest of the establishment GOP has.

I've mentioned concerns over Rubio numerous times in the past such as here, here and here.

It appears that Marco Rubio is an opportunist, not a conservative. When he ran for the Senate as a Tea Party candidate he saw the opportunity to win the seat by embracing the Tea Party, but not long after he got to Washington he started courting the establishment GOP and even joined the Gang of Eight to try to introduce amnesty legislation.  Back in 2011 Politico reported that he was out to align himself with the establishment.  He even became a serious consideration by establishment candidate Mitt Romney as a running mate in 2012.

In 2012 Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, a Florida resident, raised concerns over Rubio and has raised more again recently by pointing out Rubio's hypocrisy and deceit.

In 2013 Jack Kerwick, PhD, pointed out in The New American that: 

  • When Arizonans passed Senate Bill 1070 empowering "the state’s law enforcement agents to remedy the federal government’s dereliction of duty. Rubio opposed it. In fact, he likened Arizona to a 'police state' for allowing officers to ask those suspected of being here illegally for documentation."
  • "Rubio argued for permitting illegal immigrants the opportunity to pursue a college degree. He also contended that they should be able to pay “in-state tuition” rates for it."
  • Rubio has "gone on record as favoring the DREAM Act, he favors the same 'comprehensive immigration reform' for which establishment Republicans have been calling for years — i.e., amnesty by another name." 

Back in early 2014 The Hill reported that GOP insiders were already throwing their support behind Rubio.  That should have been another signal to conservatives that he isn't one of us. 

In June of this year reported that Rubio cast the key vote for Obamatrade and hadn't even read it.  Breitbart reported that he denied not reading it but they went on to report other times when he's made claims that were proven false.  Larry Klayman's claim that Rubio is deceptive seems to have merit.

Business Insider reports that when Scott Walker dropped out of the race Rubio benefited, which makes sense given that Walker, too, was an establishment candidate.  It's no wonder that Rubio would attract people when Walker got out.

And something many have missed is a report by Breitbart that with John Boehner's retirement announcement has come a call for Mitch McConnell's resignation, too, which could be damaging to Rubio because of his frequent efforts to advance McConnell's establishment goals in the Senate.

Rubio's no friend of liberty loving Americans and it's time people wake up and recognize him for what he is.  He represents Florida, which is a critical state Republicans need to win the election in 2016.  The establishment GOP saw in Jeb Bush a chance to win Florida.  But now that Bush is struggling they are looking to Rubio as someone who could also bring them Florida.  More than anything, even their errant belief that Rubio's Cuban heritage will bring them the Hispanic vote, bringing a Florida win is what the establishment sees in Rubio.

But America doesn't need another candidate to be supported just because of what state they can bring.  What America needs is someone who is willing to fight and tear down the politically correct system and replace it with a system of the people, by the people, and for the people as outlined in the Constitution.