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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris Shows What The Number One Issue Is For Our 2016 Elections

The Horse Sense Blog compares the nonsense in today's news with good ol' fashioned horse sense.

Here's the Nonsense:  Europe is making some mistakes in their immigration policies.  It's a good thing it's over there and not here.  We certainly don't face the threats they face.

Here's the Horse Sense:  What happens in Europe is just a precursor to what will happen here.  The threats they face are no different than the threats America faces.  Immigration has to be our number one priority in the upcoming elections or America won't survive.

Breitbart London has published an article showing all the terror attacks France has suffered this year. Over and over again the French have had to deal with terrorism.  France is not the only nation dealing with this.  Anyone who reads even the smallest amount of news has most likely seen that terrorism is on a rampage throughout the world, and especially in the west.  What does it mean for America?

I could go on and on listing attacks in countries around the world.  I could list the threats terror groups have made.  We could talk about how ISIS has taken over a large part of Iraq and Syria.  We could add to that the other incidents they've had direct or indirect involvement in throughout the world.  We could go through the numerous threats they've made to destroy all of us.  It could even be mentioned that it's reported there are 1000 active ISIS probes the FBI has going in America right now.

But all that would be redundant.  

The bottom line is that the number one issue for the 2016 elections has to be immigration.  Immigration has a larger impact on our nation and our future than any other issue.  If we don't fix our immigration system and seal our borders, there won't be a future for America.  We will either be enslaved or dead.  If we're enslaved, it will be to the fear they will instill in us or to the forced ideology they will place upon us.  If we don't succumb to their terror, we will die and the unique nation we've been will die with us.  There won't be any other choice.

I don't know about you, but unlike the leftists who believe in Neville Chamberlain's methods of appeasement, I believe that the majority of us workaday Americans would rather fight to the death than give in to the threats and demands of terrorists.  

That fight has got to be the central issue of the 2016 election, if we can last that long.  The first job of the federal government is to protect our nation and it cannot be protected from threats with the open borders and immigration system we have today.  (If Congress would do their job we'd be watching an impeachment process to stop the illegal actions that have continued ceaselessly in this administration.  That's why about 90% of those in the House and Senate need to be replaced or forced into submission to the will of the voters, too!)

Many people think their chosen issue is the most important in 2016.  But if that issue is not immigration, then they have their priorities in the wrong place.  

When your house needs new carpet, a new paint job, and a leaky roof fixed you don't choose to replace the carpet or paint the walls before you fix the roof.  You have to fix things in order of importance.  In America, the number one priority has to be immigration or the rest won't matter.

Our current system has left us open not just to illegals coming and taking jobs and benefits costing taxpayers billions, but has also left us open to terrorists coming into our country.  It is quite possible, and most likely, that we already have some who've gotten in.  Just like Europe, we have a Trojan horse on our hands.  We saw it revealed in the Paris attacks this weekend.  It could very easily happen here today. This is not a future threat, it is very real and very present right now.

Pick your candidate carefully.  

Some politicians want to continue our open borders and lax immigration system.  

Some politicians want you to think they are for controlling our borders and immigration, but actually want to continue on the path we're on.

Other politicians say they want to close our border and bring immigration under control, but we need to be careful not to choose one who is just telling us what we want to hear.

Saving America starts with secure borders, enforced laws, and an immigration system that is structured to benefit our nation and our citizens.  Anything less just continues us on a dangerous path.