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Saturday, November 7, 2015

What's The Real Reason Fox Removed Christie & Huckabee From Top Tier Debate?

Here's the Nonsense:  Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee didn't qualify for the top tier debate because the random calculations done using the polls showed they weren't eligible.

Here's the Horse Sense:  While not the strongest in the polls, Christie and Huckabee being blocked from the debate seems fishy.  It seems more likely their campaigns were dangerous to the goals of those in control of the debate.

In twisted gyrations to justify their action, Fox has removed Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee from the next top tier debate.  You may ask why it matters that it was Christie and Huckabee.  It may not be as simple as the excuses Fox is using to justify it.  It may very well be an effort by Fox to remove them from serious consideration in the presidential primaries because of the danger each of them present to Fox's chosen candidates.

Fox Business is no different than Fox News.  It's controlled by the same people which means it has the same goals as Fox News.  And now its the turn of Fox Business to help achieve their goal of helping the chosen GOP establishment (GOPe) candidate to win the Republican nomination.  (Why do you think the management and other hosts on Fox supported Megyn Kelly's lies about Donald Trump?  It was because he was destroying Jeb Bush's campaign.  An effort Jeb has now taken over himself and is successfully killing it on his own.)

Fox's promotion of establishment candidates is no secret. Like the other networks who support the leftist Democrat candidates, Fox also supports leftist candidates, but these are Republican leftists.  Remember last year when the Washington Examiner reported that Rupert Murdoch said he supported either a Bush or Clinton presidency?

So, what does this have to do with Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee?

Breitbart is reporting that last Tuesday Chris Christie was once again condemning Rubio for his support of a lawless presidency.  This time it was on Laura Ingraham's show where Christie pointed out that Rubio has said he will not revoke Obama's executive amnesty, but instead would leave it in place until legislation could be passed to replace it. Christie said that the executive amnesty is illegal and if Rubio leaves it in place he is ignoring the law.

Even Chuck Schumer talked this week , as reported by HotAir, of Rubio's involvement in the Gang of Eight amnesty legislation and strong support for it.

With Rubio still fooling many voters into thinking he's a conservative, the GOPe sees he's the guy to get behind to take Jeb's place if and when Jeb is done.  Left wing financial backers like Larry Ellison and big business GOPe financial backers like Sheldon Adelson have thrown support behind Rubio.

All this excitement about the irresponsible little liar has the GOPe worried that he may lose his momentum.  And for that Chris Christie stepped over the line in publicly pointing out Rubio's stand for lawlessness.

Given Christie's attacks on Rubio, it's quite possible that Fox decided it was time to get him off the main debate stage and remove him from much of the limelight.  I'm not a Christie fan politically, but he is excellent on stage and his performance at the debates, for what little time he's been given, has been very good.  He's persuasive and extremely good at presenting his argument.  To have someone with his communication abilities attacking a GOPe choice is dangerous and I am sure the GOPe doesn't want that and Fox is happy to do their bidding.

As for Huckabee, his situation is a little different, but once again is someone that does not fit the GOPe narrative. Huckabee is another excellent communicator.  When he speaks he's interesting and even entertaining.  He's developed a reputation for being extremely likable, even by his competitors.  The public likes him and because of these things he has credibility.

So, what's the beef against him?  Quite simply, it's morals. 

No other candidate has spoken out as much or fought harder for social issues during this campaign season.  Huckabee's latest book, released last January as a launchpad for issues in the 2016 campaign, addresses many of the critical social issues that are tearing America apart.  Huckabee speaks regularly about the fact that if America doesn't abandon its socially irresponsible culture and return to the values that founded our nation, then there will be no hope for our future.

Huckabee's spoken out continually about these issues and this is a thorn in the side of the GOPe who don't believe in these values at all.  (Anyone who's listened to Rush Limbaugh for any reasonable length of time has heard Rush tell stories of how GOPe leaders have tried to get him to push his listeners to abandon these issues and support such things as abortion, same sex marriage, etc.)  

This is a big threat to the GOPe, too.  When you have the GOPe candidates like Rubio living their lives and promoting government policies that abandon the core values our founders based our entire governmental system on, those candidates are in danger when someone is pushing as hard as Huckabee is to abandon our immorality and elect leaders who will help lead us back to faith in God and the morals and culture most in our nation once embraced.

The best way to deal with that is to take advantage of the situation where Huckabee's poll numbers aren't doing very well and eliminate him from the limelight, too.  If fewer people hear him, he is less of a threat.  

And once again, Fox is working hard to get Jeb or Marco nominated.  The best thing they can do when they have someone like Rubio, who's career is typical of a two-faced politician, is to get Huckabee, the man who is bringing light to social issues more than any other, off of the main stage where the light he shines will expose the hypocrisy of their candidates.

"But," you say, "Christie and Huckabee didn't qualify.  There's nothing sinister here."  

That is questionable.  Some people have raised legitimate questions about just how Fox came up with this decision.  And, believe it or not, the left-leaning Huffington Post may have done the best job reviewing the situation.

In an article questioning logic of Fox's methods, HuffPo's article said, "Fox Business Network averaged four national polls to decide which Republican presidential candidates to include in the Tuesday debates.  But unlike other networks that have hosted debates this year, Fox Business used stricter criteria and only the last four polls of its choosing."

The article continued, "According to the Fox Business rules, candidates needed an average of 2.5 percent in the four most recent national polls to be included in the primetime debate.  Christie and Huckabee barely missed -- each had an average of 2.25 percent across the four polls used."

But that's not the interesting part.  The article writes that, "...with an average sample size of 445 respondents across the four polls used, there is only a 60 percent chance that Sen. Rand Paul actually leads Huckabee and Christie [emphasis added], with his average right on the 2.5 percent threshold to their 2.25 percent.  Under any other circumstances that distinction would be too close to call, but in this case it's the difference between debate opportunities.  

The article goes on to talk about the polls Fox chose to use and how a slight change in just one of the polls could have changed who would be removed from the top tier debate.

But why would Fox want Rand Paul instead of Christie or Huckabee?  The answer is simple.  Rand Paul has a unique following of libertarian supporters who will stick with him to the end.  Paul will take those votes away from outsider candidates like Carson, Trump, and Cruz, which will give the GOPe candidate a better chance to win the nomination.  

The goal of the GOPe is to make sure that none of the outsider candidates get the nomination and the chosen GOPe candidate does get the nomination.  

Remember the report by Examiner that said the GOPe would consider running their candidate as a 3rd Party candidate if Trump became the nominee?  Don't think that they wouldn't consider that same thing if Carson or Cruz, the other outsider candidates, were to win the nomination.  Trump was the target of the comment because he's been the leader in the polls.

The last thing they want is to lose power and if a non-GOPe candidate gets the nomination and wins the general election, the GOPe will be in dire straits as that new president will lead the way in replacing them.  They'd rather have the power of leading the minority party than have no power at all.  That's why they would rather a Democrat win the election than a non-GOPe candidate.

And supporting and promoting that agenda is Fox.  So, the chances of Christie and Huckabee being removed from the top tier debate because of some random calculation seems about as likely as Barack Obama being open to a legitimate compromise with the Republicans.