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Monday, December 21, 2015

Obama Says 2016 Will Be A Good Year For His Agenda

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama says he's looking forward to a good year of getting the legislation he wants passed in 2016.  He doesn't seem to remember that the Republicans control both the House and Senate and they'll never stand for it.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The Republican Party is controlled by establishment Republicans who are so afraid that they'll give the president everything he wants (and then some) because they're afraid that challenging him will result in them being called racist.  Unless we get rid of them, this will continue far beyond Obama's presidency.

The Washington Times reported that President Obama said he's never been more confident about his agenda for the next year as he is for 2016.  He believes the last year of his presidency will be full of huge successes for his agenda.  Will 2016 prove to fulfill his wishes?

The article says:

A supremely confident President Obama said Friday he's "never been more optimistic about a year ahead" than he is right now, and he made the case that 2016 could be a landmark year in which he is able to enact even more of his agenda before leaving office.

And the president has even said he believes that the Republicans will come around and support his efforts on climate change, too.

Just this week the Republicans sold out the American voters again by passing an omnibus bill costing over $1 trillion, with the majority of Republicans and Democrats supporting it.  I don't have to go over the details as I'm sure you've all heard and read plenty about the giveaways that were in it.  The bottom line is that the Republicans didn't fight at all and the new House Speaker, Paul Ryan, led the way to prove he can live down to the level of his predecessor, John Boehner.

But maybe I'm being too hard on Ryan.  When challenged about not standing up against what was the spending bill, the Republican leadership was quick to say that they just had to get this through and not to worry because they'd really stand firm in 2016.  (Yeah, just like they stood strong in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and the first 11 months of this year!)

Many people may think that the Republicans will finally take a stand but I don't see it.  They've never taken a stand on anything, so why would they do it now?  They have proven themselves to be no different than the Democrats.

In fact, when researching my book, No Tomrrows: How to Halt America's Imminent Collapse and Return to the American Dream, back in 2011 I was able to confirm that the progressive plan has always been to make the American voters think the two parties are different when, in reality, both parties have been developed to be on the same path.

In his book, Tragedy and Hope, the late professor Carroll Quigley (a liberal and globalist who taught at Georgetown University) said:

"...The two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy."

And that's where we've gotten to today.  The leadership of both parties is headed in the same direction and unless we replace the majority of them with outsiders, Obama's final year will be follow by more of the same under the next administration, whichever party wins the election.

This is nothing new.  During the 2014 midterm elections Mitch McConnell vowed to crush the Tea Party.  And now, he's done it again. The Hill is reporting that McConnell is once again speaking out against Candidates that are not part of the establishment GOP.  

Don't think that if a non-establishment candidate wins the 2016 election that there won't be a terrible fight during the entire term of their administration.  McConnell and his counterpart, Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House.  They will fight tooth and nail and get the Democrats to help them so that they can destroy that president.

But first, they have to try to destroy the chances of outsider candidates winning in 2016.  Former Rep. Tom Tancredo is speaking out against these people in a recent article where he wrote that these people in the establishment must be defeated.  Tancredo asks if we've had enough yet, and the answer should have been yes a long time ago.

This is why outsider candidates are so important in this election cycle, and not just in the presidential race.  The recent disaster of a spending bill will be repeated in every other piece of legislation they put through if we don't stop them now.  We must clean out both the Senate and House in 2016.  And to do it, we must be working now because the primaries start right after the holidays and all the decisions of who we can vote for will be decided by mid-July.  Once the primaries are over, there are no more chances to get good people on the ballot.

And given the representation we currently have in the House and Senate, you can bet that Obama will continue to get what he wants in 2016.  It will be a very good year for him... and a very bad year for the American people.

If we can survive until the 2016 election, we still have this one last chance to get our government back. But it is a last chance, and not just another chance.  If we squander the opportunity life in America will never again be what it once was.