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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Questionable Issues Ted Cruz's Followers Won't Face


Here's the Horse Sense:  Ted Cruz is the best candidate for the GOP and there's nothing about him that should be questioned.  

Here's the Nonsense:  People have the right to decide on which candidate to support, but they have an obligation to do some research and understand who he/she is before they cast their vote.  Too many people base their opinions on superficial information or by trusting someone they like who supports that candidate.  

Not all, but many followers of Ted Cruz are quite reminiscent of Ron Paul's followers in 2012.  They refuse to support any other candidate if Cruz loses the nomination.  Some would call them purists in that they won't accept anyone else.  They won't even consider questions about Cruz and his candidacy.  Are they wise or showing a lack of discernment by accepting Cruz at face value?

Here are some issues, in no particular order, that anyone considering supporting Cruz should deal with prior to giving him their support:

1.)  Cruz has been presented as a grassroots candidate with the implication that his funding comes from  grassroots donors.  But the fact is that he's got big money donors that he is beholden to, too, just like most other candidates. 

According to a recent Newsmax article these 4 wealthy businessmen are significant benefactors of his campaign:

  • New York hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer
  • Texas natural gas billionaires Farris and Dan Wilks
  • Private-equity partner Toby Neugebauer

The article says that these four families have poured $36 million into Cruz's campaign.  They claim they want nothing in return for their financial support.  That may be true, but it's hard to believe.  It may be the first time that has happened in politics.  And, if elected, does anyone really think Ted wouldn't jump to answer a phone call from them?  It would be absolute silliness to think that large contributors to campaigns don't have preferred access and receive special consideration when something is on their mind.  Candidates backed by big money are beholden to those contributors and there's no way around it.

Cruz's donors aren't all $5 to $20 dollar grassroots donations.  Here you can learn just who has given significant donations to him.

2.)  According to CBS News, Cruz's super PAC, Keep the Promise I, gave Carly Fiorina's super PAC $500,000.   According to Kellyanne Conway, president of Keep the Promise, the super PAC "made the donation in June to Ms. Fiorina at that time because we thought she had important things to say that weren't being heard. including her poignant and effective criticism of Mrs. Clinton."  

Sounds more like they realized that as a woman, Carly could attack Hillary more effectively so they helped finance those attacks.

3.)  Conservative Treehouse has posted this interesting article and backup information about Mitch McConnell's attorney starting a pro-Cruz super Pac.  There have been questions by many about Cruz possibly having quiet ties to the establishment, could this be proof? (click here to read it)

4.)  Senator Cruz co-sponsored S.306 which categorizes home schools as private schools.  It allows Title 1 federal money to follow students to private schools.  But Federal regulations apply wherever federal money is used, so this would put more restrictions on home schools.  That would be a terrible thing to do to families trying to unburden themselves of federal involvement in their children's education.

5.)  Cruz supports the United Nations Agenda 21 Wildlands Project.  Cruz is using the argument that states want the federal government to return land they have confiscated, but they have to maintain those lands and if they can't they can sell them (which means many of those lands would go to foreign interests for logging and minerals, taking away our resources).  This has caused great concern since it came up in the Iowa campaign recently (click here to read more).

6.)  Huffington Post reported that as recently as 12 months ago Cruz supported allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. He naively said "We have to continue to be vigilant to make sure those coming are not affiliated with a terrorist, but we can do that."  Yet the FBI and Homeland Security have said that we have no way to vet these people.

7.)  Cruz's Michigan campaign chief is highly questionable given his embracing of Hezbollah (click here to learn more).

The next 3 points are especially important to evangelicals:

8.)  Cruz's claim to being religious has been questioned because it's come out that he gave less than 1% of his income to charity between 2006 - 2010.  For many evangelicals that does not match up with their belief that the Bible teaches they are to give 10% of their income to charity. 

9.)  And Ted's claims to be a devout evangelical Christian are also questionable since evangelicals believe in the biblical admonition not to marry an unbeliever.  Yet Ted's wife, Heidi, is a Seventh Day Adventist.  Adventists do not hold to orthodox Christian doctrine.  Adventist doctrine rejects the orthodox Christian belief in hell and eternal punishment for sins.  Rather, they believe that the souls of unbelievers will simply be annihilated when Jesus returns.  

10.)  Rafael Cruz, Ted's father, teaches dominion theology.  Dominionists believe that they will take over the world for Jesus and everyone will have to convert to Christianity before Jesus returns.  They believe that this will be done by them taking over what they consider to be the seven major areas of society such as government, business, religion, etc.  Rafael says that Ted is anointed as a king to rule.  This is unbiblical teaching, but Ted wants to lead our nation with this kind of viewpoint having been taught to him by his father. (For a better understanding of dominion theology and how it compares to orthodox Christian doctrine see this website.)

Ted Cruz may be a good man.  That's something you have to decide for yourself.  But an honest person needs to be aware of these types of issues to see whether they can live with a candidate like this or not.