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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Imagine Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder To Replace Scalia

Here's the Nonsense:  Losing Justice Scalia is a tragedy, but certainly we can stop the appointment of a radical judge to replace him.

Here's the Horse Sense:  We have no defense to stop Obama from appointing whoever he wants to replace Justice Scalia.  The tragedy of his loss will only be overshadowed by the extreme leftist ideology that will be forced upon us by his replacement.

It is being reported that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead this morning.  This is a huge loss for all Americans because he was one of the few conservatives on the court.  With his passing Obama will have yet another chance to appoint someone else to the Supreme Court and there is nothing to stop him from making the worst decision for America's future.  Quite possibly he'll even consider appointing former Attorney General Eric Holder.

If you think we've seen a nightmare with the Supreme Court decisions so far, we're about to see them get a lot worse. 

There is no one to stop Obama from appointing whoever he chooses.  The Senate will simply rubber stamp his choice because they are controlled by the establishment Republicans who want the same things for America that the Democrats want.  

That means that Obama will choose whoever will best carry on his plans for the court. In September 2014 I suggested that his next SCOTUS appointment might be Eric Holder.  After all, Holder was a good soldier, like-minded with Obama on where America should be headed, and this would be a fitting reward for his faithful service.

Remember that as bad as Holder was as Attorney General, what we might face now could be far worse.  The damage he could do on the Supreme Court would have much farther reaching impact than anything he did as Attorney General.  

Even if Obama doesn't choose Holder, he'll be sure to pick someone like him.  A perfect example is current AG Loretta Lynch.  She was a perfect replacement for Holder as AG and has carried on his legacy perfectly for Obama.  

And there is no one to stop this from happening.  The Senate has shown that they will not block Obama's nominations, so there's really no doubt that we'll get an appointment that is as far left as you can imagine.  Yes, Mitch McConnell said today that they will wait until the next president to have a vote on it, but the fact is that the Democrats are already demanding it be done while still in Obama's final year.  I sincerely doubt McConnell will stick to his position on this since he has never stood up to Obama and the Democrats yet.

This will cause all decisions on the court to be controlled by the progressives.  There are not enough conservatives left to cause any decision to be anything but progressive.

The only real hope we have is that since it is an election year, hopefully that will keep the fear of the voters in the Senate's mind and MAYBE they will be afraid enough of losing reelection that they will do the right thing.

But, the old saying goes that a nation gets the government it deserves.  The judicial branch is a key part of our 3-branch system of government and we are getting exactly what we deserve.

With the moral state of this nation as bad as it is, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Most Americans profess to be Christian, yet they live like pagans.  Even presidential candidates who claim to be evangelicals (which most people feel are the most devout in living their so-called faith) are being caught in lies and other political games for which they will be accountable on judgment day.  Word has it that one of those evangelical candidates was confronted by some of his campaign staff about lying on the campaign trail and he responded by saying, "It's not lying, it's using words wisely."

How the 2016 election comes out will tell us whether God is giving America one last chance.  But based on the continued immorality and disregard for God that most citizens show, the chances are slim we'll really get another chance.

It's past time Americans take a long look in the mirror and decide if their immorality is worth losing their freedom.