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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rubio: An Establishment Liar Guaranteed To Lose The Election If Nominated

Here's the Nonsense:  Rush is probably right.  We've probably been too hard on Marco Rubio and need to see him as a fellow conservative while being open to him as the Republican nominee.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Marco Rubio is no conservative. He's shown himself to be a charlatan that's used the term "conservative" for political gain.  He would be a disaster as the Republican nominee.

There is something very wrong when people start justifying support of a candidate who's proven himself a liar over and again.  I have had respect for Rush Limbaugh on many issues, but his recent verbal gymnastics to try to get people to accept Marco Rubio as a conservative are astonishing.  

Rush has recently said that he doesn't like the excommunication of people from the conservative movement, a clear reference to those of us who've rejected Rubio as nothing but a lying establishment candidate.  

This time Rush is wrong.  Certainly conservatives can disagree about some issues.  They can also be wrong at times.  Some issues, however, are too big to deviate on and still be considered conservative.

Some issues are bigger than even a big tent can accept. The big tent does not mean the tent has to accept every viewpoint on the planet.  And I believe that the issue of our border security, immigration and amnesty is a key issue that cannot be compromised on.  

Yes, that means a lot of so-called conservatives would not be included as conservative under my guideline, but this is an issue that will determine the future of America as we have known it.

The criticism of Marco Rubio stems from his constant lies, which are displayed by telling each person or audience he meets with what they want to hear instead of the truth.  And that is followed up by a record of support for pro-amnesty immigration reform that would destroy the fabric of American society.  

It should be clear by now that the Democrats and establishment Republicans have the same overall goals for America.  Big government, more control at the federal level, huge spending levels to support social programs, and less rights for citizens.  They see themselves as better than you and me.  They see themselves as the ruling elite and we are just the peasant class, way below their level.  We are not to question, but only to support them and be thankful for all they do for us.  

That's the attitude and I don't care if we're talking about Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, or Paul Ryan.  Their actions have sent the message that that's their underlying attitude towards you and me.  And Marco Rubio is one of them, no matter what Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or anyone else tells you.

But contrary to what the left have tried to convince the public, people like Limbaugh and Hannity are not the reference point for conservatism.  They are commentators who sometimes get it right.  But they are not gods and they are not even the ones who we should look to for guidance when questions come up about someone like Marco Rubio.

Before you think this is an attack on Rush and Hannity, let me say that we can all make mistakes in our judgment.  That is where it is up to those of us who see through errors in judgment to help correct other conservatives who get off track.  Unfortunately, all too often when we disagree we attack to destroy instead of correct and bring people back in line with proper thinking.  Or, if we hold the person in high esteem, we accept their view without any analytical thinking.

We must hold each other accountable, no matter who they are.  This past week as I heard a number of Limbaugh's shows I couldn't help but think that it's up to the rest of us conservatives to reject what Rush is saying and let him know that his view is not acceptable logic.

Marco Rubio is no conservative.  He simply pulled the wool over the eyes of voters to get elected as a conservative.  He gives a good speech.  Many think he's attractive.  And for the person who does not think analytically his answers sound real good.  Some very good people fell for it.  But as always happens, time will tell and the truth comes out.

Back on August 2, 2011 Rubio gave a speech in the Senate that should have made people take notice. He said that he tightly embraces the Constitution, but then he said that the future of our nation is divided between 2 different views.  One view is that the government is supposed to provide economic justice (the government is to "level" the playing field even taking money from one and giving it to another) and the other view is that the government is to assure equal opportunity and each person will achieve based on their effort, ability, and situation.  Then he goes on to say that one is not more or less patriotic or moral than the other.

So, he sees no moral difference between the government taking from citizens to give to those who have not earned it;  and a country where people are entitled to keep what they've earned.  

If you understand right and wrong, morality and immorality, then you understand that there is a huge moral difference between a country where the government can take what you've earned and distribute it to those who did not earn it and a country where you are entitled to keep the fruits of your labor.

But Rubio doesn't see it.  He sees no moral difference which shows he has no moral principles. Our laws are based on Judeo-Christian principles.  Those principles are rooted in such teachings as the Ten Commandments.  And in those commandments it says "You shall not steal."  This creates a deterrent to stealing.  But when you have no moral law which creates that deterrent, then stealing can be defined as okay if the government does it.

Rubio has fallen for the lie that there are no moral absolutes.  
He also said that America is divided on what kind of future we want.  A moral person would take a stand that violating a person's right to keep what is theirs is immoral and cannot be allowed.  But when you abandon moral absolutes, you end up with the debates we so often see in Washington.  And Rubio goes along with those immoral debates either not recognizing the moral failure or ignoring it.

Conservatism is based on respecting the rule of law as put forth in our Constitution.  Marco Rubio can say he embraces the Constitution, but his words and actions expose him as a fraud.  

When he says that we have no basis for making a decision other than on our own likes or dislikes, and doesn't even consider the morality of that view, he exposes his non-conservative views.

That should have exposed him for what he is.  But many people didn't see it because they weren't thinking analytically.

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly has released a 15 page memo that reveals the phony that is Marco Rubio.  Having fallen for his claim to conservatism years ago and endorsed him during his Senate run, she has seen his continued efforts to deceive and now wants him exposed before the American electorate give him the Republican nomination.

The memo is too long to cover in its entirety here.  But it is important and worth the read so please click on the link and don't just read it, study it.  Here are screenshots of some of the points the memo raises (the links in the memo are clickable in the original document which you can access through the link I provided above):

Then the memo shows how Rubio, when he took office as senator, immediately abandoned his positions that got him elected:

It goes on to explain how he lied to conservative media (there's much more in the original memo than just this little screenshot):

Rubio, the memo shows, made false claims:

And he has passed off as truth there were enforcement mechanisms in his bill when in reality it gave administrative discretion to end immigration law enforcement:

One of Rubio's biggest deceptions was that his bill was merit-based and not family-based:

He even falsely claimed that under his bill that no welfare would be allowed to illegals: 

He even deceived law enforcement:

There's a lot more than I've covered here (that's why you need to read and study the original memo), but in conclusion it states that if Rubio becomes president he will carry on Obama's amnesty legacy and enact immigration legislation that will destroy America:

Julia Hahn, in another excellent article in Breitbart exposes Rubio even more when she lists his 7 "accomplishments" in the Senate that show who he really is.  Her list includes:

1.)  The Rubio-Schumer Gang of 8 Bill - Had it passed, the bill would have tripled issuance of green cards, doubled the dispensation of foreign worker visas, and granted citizenship to illegal immigrants (which would also have given them access to welfare and voting privileges).

2.)   Trans-Pacific Partnership (Obamatrade) - Rubio cast the deciding vote to fast-track Obamatrade which gives President Obama fast-track powers and virtually assures passage of all subsequent trade pacts, which are now liberated from Senate filibuster, amendment process, and constitutional treaty vote. According to Hahn's article, Rubio has described this as the 'second pillar' of his three-pillar foreign policy strategy that he'd enact as president.

3.)  Blocking Curbs to Muslim Immigration - Hahn writes that Rubio told Sean Hannity he'd hate to block funding for Obama's refugees, and suggested that curbs on Muslim migration would be unconstitutional.  This pro mass-migration offensive helped give Rep. Paul Ryan (now Speaker of the House) the space he needed to wave in a vast new group of Muslim migrants.  Rubio also joined a group of Senators who voted down a proposal by Sen. Rand Paul to curb Muslim migration from 30 Muslim countries with active jihadist populations.  Rubio has also sought to grow Muslim immigration.  He introduced a bill which would have allowed unlimited increase in Muslim migration.

4.)  Enabling His Corporate Backers to Replace Americans With Foreign Workers - Rubio's efforts to expand H-1B visas has helped protect his corporate backer's increase their bottom line by replacing American workers with foreign workers.  And Rubio's involvement in this has gone virtually unreported in the media.

5.)  Blocking Food Stamp Reform - Rubio voted against a Republican proposal that the CBO projected would save $10 billion by reining in the abuse of the food stamp program. The proposal would have eliminated automatic eligibility for food stamps even if the household has substantial assets.  Rubio joined the Democrats and only 6 other Republicans to oppose the measure.

6.)  Benghazi - Rubio enthusiastically supported President Obama's and Hillary Clinton's intervention in Libya. 

7.)  Terrible Attendance Record - Rubio has one of the worst attendance records in the Senate.  He says that he finds his job as a senator frustrating and he wants to be president instead.

That's quite a record of "accomplishments" that Ms. Hahn has listed.  Not one of the points represent a conservative position on the given issue.

Gov. Chris Christie was right at last night's debate in New Hampshire to point out Rubio's lack of experience.  He has no idea what it's like to run anything.  Say what you will, but experience doing certain things is important.  

I have written many times about Rubio not being a conservative.  And to add to his record and lack of moral integrity, he lack of experience running anything is another reason he'd be a terrible nominee.  

To defend against his lack of experience he recently has said on the campaign trail that being president is nothing like being a governor or real estate developer.  Obviously he was trying to strike out at competitors like John Kasich, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush who have been governors and Donald Trump who has been a real estate developer.  He rejects their executive experience, whether in government or the private sector, as unimportant and thinks his lack of experience is not a problem.  But then, so did Barack Obama when he was running with no experience.  Ted Cruz, another candidate with no experience running anything, also rejects the idea that executive experience is important for a president.  So, Rubio's not alone in his feeling, but he's also not right.

Add to all this that Marco Rubio is another establishment candidate with ties to Wall Street and will, just like all establishment Republicans, be beholden to the big money donors.  

The continual losing streak of the establishment Republican candidates will continue if Marco Rubio is the nominee, no matter who the Democrats select as their nominee.  It is wrong to think that we should not be against Rubio.  We should be against him and fight hard to make sure he is not the nominee... unless we want another repeat of a losing election.

Marco Rubio as nominee = a guaranteed loss for the GOP in the general election.

And a GOP loss in 2016 = a guaranteed loss for America's future.