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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Ted Cruz You May Not Know

Here's the Nonsense:  I've heard enough about Ted Cruz to know that he's what America needs for president.  I don't have to know any more than I already do.

Here's the Horse Sense:  As American citizens we have an obligation to do due diligence when selecting candidates. The reason America is in the trouble it is in is because voters have taken their responsibility too lightly.  What we hear about Ted Cruz does not paint a full or clear picture of who he is or what his qualifications are.  We need to do our homework.

I was one of the first to throw my support behind Ted Cruz for president, and it was long before he announced he was running.  I worked hard to promote him and got a lot a flack from people who thought I was too set on Ted to consider other candidates.  

But as time went by and I learned more I became concerned and started to reevaluate my choice.  Instead of just accepting the campaign pitch and the story that is put forth to get people to support him, I did more serious homework.

The result of that homework (which is still ongoing because I keep learning more and more all the time) was for me to back away from supporting him.  

Now, you may ask why you should care what I think. You're right, I'm no more important than anyone else.  The difference between me and most people, however, is that I dig deep and spend countless hours doing research to make sure my choice is a good one for America.  

So, while you should be open-minded enough to do homework yourself to learn the rest of the story about Senator Cruz, most people never will.  Most people will only hear someone they like say they support him, or accept something they hear about him at face value, and decide to support him.  

I think that each citizen's civic responsibility is a very serious and important one and I don't take it lightly.  My purpose here is to share with you some of those things I've learned that have made me very concerned about his ability and qualifications to hold the biggest job on the planet.  And please understand that I have enough information that this could be 3 or 4 times as long as it is.  But in an effort to keep it somewhat reasonable I've tried to give enough information so that any person who is honest with themselves will be willing to do homework on their own.

As a businessman, I have to ask myself if a candidate has the experience, knowledge, and ability to run the United States, which could be called the most important organization in the world.  For a long time we have hired politicians, many if not most of which have been attorneys, to run our government.  Where has it gotten us?

There is this false notion that has been accepted that a person has to be a politician or a lawyer to understand the government and run it effectively.  But this has met with nothing short of disaster.

The fact is that attorneys rarely know how to effectively run an organization, create jobs, motivate staff, create efficiency in administration, grow income, or hire employees.

And for those who are saying, "But lawyers can understand the Constitution and that's the most important thing,"  they are missing 2 very important things.  

First, America's founders did not write our founding documents to make them only understandable by attorneys. They formed our government to be of, for, and by the people and the last thing they would have done is want to restrict understanding of the very document that our nation was based upon.  It may take a little effort on our part as 21st century Americans to understand the way they spoke in colonial America, but it's far from impossible or difficult. 

Second, we can get a much better understanding of what our founders intended from historians than we ever will from attorneys.  Historians are the ones who seek to put things into perspective of their times and make them clear to later generations.  Those are the people we should more often turn to than attorneys when we are trying to understand our past.

So, as I look at Ted Cruz I have to admit that he has no experience ever running anything.  He has never created jobs, met a payroll, created or maintained a budget, motivated employees, or anything else that is important to the successful operation of an organization.  You may not think that's a big deal, but we've seen in Barack Obama that same lack of experience.  And it's ridiculous of us to think that a person who doesn't know about any of those things will know how to manage them.

In fact, Ted Cruz is not only a first term senator, but he started the process of running for president within a few months of taking office as a senator.  Clearly there was no intention or effort to serve in the Senate and build relationships that would be important to form coalitions needed to succeed in our 3 branch system of government. And it certainly wasn't in keeping with his promise to work "every day" to stop corruption in Washington that he made to the Texans who put him in the Senate.

In fact, his attendance record in the Senate is terrible.  His record is 8.9 times worse than the average senator.  And even though he's a member of the Armed Services Committee, he's missed over 50% of its hearings.  (That's worse than Al Franken, Diane Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer combined!)

Ted Cruz only worked for a year and a half as a lawyer in a private firm.  The rest of his career has been working receiving a government paycheck.

Ted and his campaign are closely tied to the Bush team.  He and his wife worked for George W. Bush.  His wife is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  His campaign is full of Bush people.  He gets the same advice on things like foreign policy and the economy from the same kind of people who advised the Bush Administration.  If you think a Cruz presidency would be different from George W. Bush's, you are sadly mistaken.  And like it or not, the Bush years did not work out that well for America.

Cruz is constantly compared to Ronald Reagan, but there's a huge difference.  Let's not forget that Reagan was famous for his ability to work with other politicians, even Democrats, to get a consensus that could get legislation passed.  His relationship with House Speaker Tip O'Neil is a perfect example of how Reagan won his adversaries over.

Cruz, on the other hand, has never been able to win fellow senators over to his positions, except when he sold out his constituents and joined the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) and gave them $240,000 to stop challengers to establishment candidates, particularly protecting Thad Cochran of Mississippi.  (Cochran retained his seat when the GOP establishment got Democrats to cross over in the primaries to vote for him instead of the conservative challenger Chris McDaniel.)

Ted Cruz wants a VAT tax, which is known to increase government size and power in every country in which it's been done.  

Cruz has consistently lied about and misrepresented the positions of other candidates.  For example, it is common for him to say that Trump is for Obamacare or some form of socialized medicine.  Yet Trump abandoned any interest in that position years ago and a quick read of his healthcare plan shows it is solidly free market.  The only thing he holds on to is the requirement that pre-existing conditions be covered.  He also wants to make sure the indigent have healthcare coverage and has said that it would most likely be provided through the Medicaid or Medicare system.  But by making the false assertion that Cruz defends because many years ago Trump said some positive things about a national healthcare plan, Cruz gets people to think it's still true.  This is exactly how trial attorneys work in front of a jury.

His continued lies about Trump's position on Obamacare are numerous, but possibly the most disgusting is when he and Glenn Beck lied to the Morningstar Fellowship Church group about Trump's views.  Cruz did this despite accepting an invitation to Trump's Mar A Lago resort to speak about his filibuster on Obamacare in the Senate where Trump spoke supportive of it when he introduced him and also gave Cruz a $5000 donation.

He also told them that Trump opposed the 2nd Amendment, even though Trump's a lifetime NRA member and his son, speaking for the Trump family and campaign, said that they believe in the right to carry and the right to shoot back.

Probably the most well known lies told by Cruz and his campaign were about Ben Carson during the caucuses in Iowa.  They told the caucus goers that Carson was dropping out of the race and suggested that voters switch to Cruz.  While many have said it didn't happen, bought into Cruz's excuses and spin, and/or said that it's just politics, they have not really considered the actual timeline of events that exposes what the Cruz campaign did.

Here's the chronology (timeline according to Talking Points Memo here and timeline according to Breitbart here):
  1. 6:41 pm CNN tweets Carson going to FL after IA but NOT dropping out of the race.
  2. 6:44 pm CNN’s Dana Bash says it's unusual but DOES NOT SAY CARSON dropping out.
  3. 6:53 pm Cruz campaign does NOT verify report with Carson, but sends email/text/post that "Carson taking time off with big announcement next week."
  4. 6:53 pm Carson campaign clarifies report that he is "only going home to get clean clothes" not dropping out of the race. Carson campaign tweets "We're here!"
  5. 7:00 pm Iowa Caucus Begins
  6. 7:01 pm Cruz campaign sends text/email blast to 1500 precinct chairpeople implying Carson getting out of the race, and to tell Carson supporters to vote for Cruz. (Cruz Tweet here.)
  7. 7:05 pm Carson campaign spokesperson clarifies Carson is in race.
  8. 7:07 pm Cruz sends audio message to campaign that Carson is getting out of campaign, "tell Carson supporters, and tell them to vote for Cruz."
  9. 7:12 pm National Cruz Co-Chair, US Representative Steve King equates "leaving early is same as suspending campaign."
  10. 7:20 pm Even AFTER others protest to Rep. King, King tweets, "guess he's out. hope people vote for Cruz." 
  11. 7:29 pm Second audio goes to all Cruz supporters saying same as 7:07 pm message.
  12. 7:30 pm Major news broadcasters continue denials of false report, and Cruz continuing to send out false messages - CNN AGAIN sends clarifying tweet Carson is in.
  13. 10:52 pm Cruz Public Relations chief sends multiple tweets trying to blame Trump campaign, then deletes it.
  14. Cruz LIED that CNN had inaccurately reported that Carson was suspending his campaign from 6:30 p.m. to 9:15, and didn't correct that story until 9:15 that night.
  15.  Cruz finally admits wrongdoing, apologizes to Ben Carson - WHILE blaming CNN.

thanks Politijim for outline

About this incident, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said that Cruz's tactics were "unethical and unfair."  Ben Carson said, "One thing is now clear - while Senator Cruz may preach against the Washington Cartel, he will still adopt, or at least not condemn, Cartel tactics for his own political gain."

Cruz also sent out a campaign mailer in Iowa that got the Iowa Secretary of State to speak out against his campaign saying the mailer misrepresents Iowa election law.

Cruz even called Donald Trump's supporters low information voters.  Upon hearing it, Sarah Palin had had enough and posted a response to Cruz on her Facebook page.

Something Cruz supporters seem to not be willing to accept is that a president cannot make changes in Washington without winning people to his side.  Cruz's original plan was to rally evangelicals and disaffected conservatives behind him and steamroll the nomination process followed by another steamrolling of the general election.  But his problem is that he can't even get the majority of evangelicals or conservatives behind him.  His followers may think he's another Reagan, but he is not like Reagan at all in his ability to get a large group of people behind him, let alone his focused demographic of evangelicals and conservatives.

Cruz supported Obamatrade but later changed his position saying that Mitch McConnell lied to him.  Even though support of the legislation is terrible, his lack of good judgment was well represented in this instance.  Mitch McConnell is a known liar and for Cruz to trust him in the first place shows terrible judgment of the kind we cannot afford in our president.

Cruz's claim to be an evangelical Christian causes much of his problem for many of us.  Not only does he embrace radical unbiblical theology that is rejected by true Christians, but his actions expose his failures to live the faith he says he embraces.  The perfect example is when he was Solicitor General of Texas.

Michael Wayne Haley was arrested for stealing a calculator from a Walmart store.  The maximum sentence for the crime was 2 years, but due to a mistake by the court he was sentenced to 16 years.  When Haley realized what had happened he tried to go back to court to get the sentence overturned.  As Solicitor General, Ted Cruz had the authority to let him go for time served, but chose to fight lower court rulings that would allow Haley to go free and took it all the way to the Supreme Court to make Haley stay in jail for the full 16 year term.

This immense waste of time and the Texas taxpayers' money was highlighted when Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy asked Cruz, "Is there some rule that you can't confess error in your state?"  The court system did finally let Haley out of prison, but it was after he served 6 years for a crime that was only punishable for up to 2 years.

In spite of the the fact that evangelical Christianity teaches mercy, compassion, and grace, Cruz showed none of those. Jesus railed against the religious leaders of His day who were known as Pharisees because of their hypocrisy.  Lashing out at them, Jesus said in Matthew 23:23, " have neglected the more important matters of the law - justice, mercy and faithfulness." 

Ted's dishonesty about his faith when he lied to David Brody about his tithing was far worse to true Christians than to have simply admitted that he hadn't lived up to being as charitable as he should be.

And many see it as hypocritical that he raised money from gay donors in New York and then turns around and condemns homosexuality at campaign events.  Certainly a candidate can't control who donates to them, but to many people it's different when you seek donations from those with whom you take a stand against.

Cruz's inability to show the faith he claims in his personal life has turned many away from him because they see him as a hypocrite in situations like this and others.  They see him as a phony no better than the counterfeit televangelists that scam people for their money. Ted is seen by many who hold their faith dear as a self-righteous, egotistical and power-hungry sham kind of Christian that society has come to disdain.  

All of these are the kinds of things that have caused people, both Christian and non-Christian alike, to reject Ted Cruz as a candidate.  

Ted Cruz goes on to question the ability of other candidates to pick Supreme Court nominees, yet he pushed hard to get John Roberts appointed.  Even though he now denies it, his support was full-throated for Roberts, as an op-ed he wrote in support of Roberts that was published by National Review shows.

And one of the most recent was when Ted Cruz did not stand up for free speech rights, but blamed Trump for the violent protests at rallies like his one in Chicago.  In standing with the violent protesters that included Bill Ayers, Black Lives Matter, and other radical leftist groups, he lost law enforcement as supporters.  

Any candidate and their supporters have a right to express their views regardless of whether we agree with what they say or not. Ted claims to stand up for the Constitution and when the chance came to stand up for the 1st Amendment, the most important amendment to the Constitution, he chooses to join sleazy leftists and attack his competitor.  

Free speech is the right of every American, even if we don't agree with what they say.  If Ted won't stand for the free speech rights of every citizen, what else will he selectively choose to fight for?  The constitutional rights of all Americans must be defended regardless of whether we like what that allows someone else to do.  In doing this Cruz forgot that the very same type of thing could happen at his rallies if he were the front-runner and, according to his actions, he and his followers would be wrong for using their right to free speech. We either must stand for everyone's rights, or everyone will lose their rights. 

People like Senator Jeff Sessions, former Governor Sarah Palin, Dr. Ben Carson, and former Governor Mike Huckabee (who is also a former evangelical minister) chose not to endorse Cruz because of what they see and know.  In fact, Mike Huckabee is known by people on both sides of the political aisle as a really nice guy who rarely says negative things about people, yet he called Cruz, "Nasty... Stealing... Lowlife... Sleazy..." when he left the presidential race.

These are just some of the things I've seen about Ted Cruz that caused me to realize that he is not fit to be president.  I haven't raised here anywhere near all the things I've learned about him that have pushed me away from supporting him. But these will give you an idea why there should be serious concern about the thought of a Ted Cruz nomination. Voters who are serious and do their homework will find he should be UNTRUSTED