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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Will The GOP Establishment Get Behind Cruz To Stop Trump?

If you didn't read my post from yesterday about Mitt Romney, you should because both that post and this one are tied together in their goal of exposing what the GOPe (GOP establishment) are doing to take control of the outcome of the primaries.  You can read my last post by clicking here.

Here's the Nonsense:  The GOPe has realized that Ted Cruz is a good candidate and they need to get behind him to stop Donald Trump.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The GOPe hates Ted Cruz as much (or maybe even more) than they do Donald Trump.  But they are thinking that they might be able to stop Trump by temporarily getting behind Cruz.  What they don't realize is that there is very little chance they can stop Trump because his followers see through them and are demanding change.

There's rumor that the GOPe is considering supporting Ted Cruz in order to stop Trump from winning the nomination. Would they do that?  If they did, would it work?

The Cruz followers are all excited that the GOPe may be considering working with them instead of fighting them.  They think that this means the GOPe might be starting to concede to the idea of Cruz as the nominee.  But they've got short memories if they believe this.

It wasn't too long ago that the GOPe was looking at a much larger field of candidates running for the nomination.  But now that it's down to 4 candidates, Trump and Cruz seeming to lead the rest, they are trying to decide how to get what they want without supporting either.  However, the Cruz followers forget that the GOPe has talked about supporting Cruz long enough to destroy Trump and then turning to destroy Cruz, because they hate him just as much as they hate Trump.  Their idea is to do whatever they can to get the candidate they want, even if it means temporarily backing Cruz to get rid of Trump.  But like the wild animal that is caught in a hunter's trap, the animal may be still while the trap is removed, but it doesn't mean that once it's free that it won't turn and devour the one who saved it.  That's exactly what the GOPe would do to Cruz once Trump is out of the way.

The GOPe has no idea why the electorate are so fed up.  They have no idea what causes their anger.  They have no idea that they have brought this situation upon themselves and that the rise of outsider candidates has been entirely of their own making.

That's why the GOPe is working towards a brokered convention where they could eliminate candidates they don't like and replace them with the candidate of their choice.  Most recently the rumor is that they'd draft Mitt Romney as the nominee.  And, while Romney has said as recently as last week that he wouldn't be the nominee, now he's said he'd accept the nomination if it came to him.

But even if it weren't Romney, it doesn't mean that the GOPe doesn't have others in mind, too. Whether it would be to bring back Jeb Bush or some candidate who already left the race, or bring in someone else, the point is that they want anyone but Trump or Cruz.

The GOPe is deaf to the voters calls for change.  As you travel around America you find that large numbers of Americans no longer feel at home in their own hometowns.  The loss of jobs to other countries as the global economy has been put above the American economy by politicians and big business, gives them a feeling of desperation.  They see not just their futures as bleak, but even worse, they see the future for their children and grandchildren as hopeless.

The Democrats and GOPe have allowed a liberalized immigration system that has decimated America.  When these Americans express their sense of loss, both Democrats and GOPe denounce them as racists.  They are saying these American citizens have no moral standing in our society.

And the Republican Party not only lets those concerns go unanswered, but they agree with the globalists who are destroying America.  But when the American people embrace a "make America great again" mantra, they're viewed by the political elite as vulgar populists and nationalists, not as citizens with legitimate concerns that want change to save the America they once knew.

But, if that isn't enough, you also have moronic accusations by people like Glenn Beck (who acts like he's off his meds and just escaped the asylum) that American nationalism is no different than what happened in Hitler's Germany, it just fuels the anti-outsider mindset of the GOPe, Democrats, and media (both mainstream and much of the "conservative" media).  (Note to Ted Cruz:  Having people like Glenn Beck campaign for you hurts your campaign far more than it helps it.)

So, don't think for a moment that the GOPe has any intention of allowing Cruz or Trump the nomination.  The only good news is that the GOPe are generally spineless and foolish and that may cause enough hesitation and stupid action on their part to let a Cruz or Trump gain unstoppable traction to get the nomination.

As for whether Cruz, or anyone other than Trump, can get the nomination.  History has certainly shown some last minute events that have impacted presidential races.  For example:

  • On March 13, 1976 California Governor Jerry Brown entered the Democrat presidential primary race to stop Jimmy Carter 
  • On March 23, 1976, after losing six primaries, Ronald Reagan won his first primary against President Gerald Ford
  • On March 26, 1980 Senator Ted Kennedy won in Connecticut and New York against President Jimmy Carter, and revived a lagging campaign to challenge Carter
  • On March 24, 1992 in Connecticut former Governor Jerry Brown upset Governor Bill Clinton's race (Clinton was the presumptive nominee at the time)

Yes, these are examples of times when there was upset in the primary process.  But in the end, all the front runners in early March ended up being the nominee.  So, not only does Cruz have other problems that limit his appeal to enough Republicans to get the nomination, he's also got history against him.  Does that mean that he absolutely couldn't be the nominee?  Of course not, but his chances are slim, especially as voters consider his inability to appeal to a majority of all voters who will vote in the general election.  He is seen as a candidate who couldn't win over enough people beyond his narrow demographic of followers to beat the Democrats.  For him, it's not just an uphill battle to win the general election, it's like a novice climbing straight up the face of Chaya in Chad (Here's a picture of an experienced climber taking on that task.)

Americans are not just upset or angry, they are demanding change. And there is huge support for someone who will tear down the establishment.  They are tired of what's happening in America. Trump is the front runner for a reason that his supporters see.

  • No other candidate has had Russia and China express concern, even threats, against the U. S. if they are elected, but Trump has. Those countries are not friends of America and they see Trump as too strong an adversary that they do not want to face.  He will lead America in making changes that will strengthen America both militarily and in foreign trade deals.  This goes against everything these countries want.  

  • No other candidate has had Mexico demand and threaten the U. S. if they are elected, but Trump has. Mexico's leaders know that our borders will close and the advantages they've got in trade from the U. S. will go away if Trump is elected.  And they will not be able to encourage their citizens to go to America, thereby eliminating the economic burden they place on Mexico.
  • No other candidate has had terrorist-linked CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has made accusations to destroy their candidacy such as the ones they made against Trump for "inciting violence" against Muslims.

And yet the GOPe don't get it.  They are panicking as they see that every effort to stop him has failed. 

  • They dragged loser Romney out to try to bully Americans into turning against Trump.
  • They've suggested Romney or Paul Ryan as possible candidates to replace those in the race, but the electorate long ago abandoned them.
  • They thought having Rubio act like a hormonal teenager with control issues (thank you to Time magazine for that description) would derail Trump, but it backfired and now Rubio's campaign is barely on life support.
  • They've used Ted Cruz as he implies that something terrible is in this mysterious tape of a meeting between Trump and the NY Times, but it hasn't had an impact.  (Yes, even Ted Cruz is being used by the GOPe, whether he realizes it or not.  And by the way, if Ted knows what was on that tape, why doesn't he tell us instead of just implying it's so bad?  More likely he doesn't know and, like a trial attorney, is implying something to make people think it's bad when he doesn't really even know what's on it.  He only uses it to try to get people to think badly of Trump.  But Ted's used these kinds of arguments many times before and they've never worked.)
  • They've set up gotcha questions at every debate and stacked the audiences against Trump, but every time those have caused the voters to reject the attempted ambush and support Trump. 
  • They've even said they'd vote for the Democrat over Trump if he's the nominee, but Trump's supporters aren't buying it.  They held their noses and supported John McCain and Mitt Romney because as bad as they were, they still weren't as bad as the Democrat alternative.  And they knew it was better to have them in office than the Democrat because at least it gave us a little chance to save America instead of a guarantee America will be lost.

The GOPe has given us loser candidates time and time and time again and has continually over and over an over again failed on its promises to voters.  They no longer have influence over most voters. And those in conservative media who have acted, either knowingly or unknowingly, as their minions are also losing their control over the thinking voters.  

Will they back Cruz to stop Trump?  They very well may try. But those who support Trump aren't just voting for Trump. They are voting against everyone and anyone with ties to the establishment or are part of the Washington D.C. insider club.  They are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to tear down the system created by the establishment to control the American people's lives. 

If the GOPe succeed in destroying the candidacy of Trump (or Cruz if Trump were to drop out), the electorate will bolt from the party.  The result will be the election of whoever is the Democrat nominee, many Republicans in the House and Senate being replaced by Democrats, and end of successes for the Republican Party. 

The GOPe is scared to death of an electorate that wants to take back control of its government.  And it is that attitude that will save America if there is any human way to do it.