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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

For Ted Cruz, Will It Be Fabulous Fiorina Or The Carly Collapse?

Here's the Nonsense:  Ted Cruz's choice of Carly Fiorina makes a winning combination for America.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Fiorina is the consummate establishment Republican and with her as a running mate it amplifies even more Cruz's ties to the establishment, too, even though his supporters choke on that fact.

Hey Senator Cruz, I know you want people to think that your failed campaign is still going strong.  You'd like people to think that picking Carly Fiorina as your running mate somehow makes everything not just okay, but will make you win the nomination.  Sorry to give you the bad news Ted, but she's not going to be the fabulous solution you dream of.  In fact, she'll cause the collapse of more support from the reality-denying supporters you have left.

Once your remaining supporters find out Carly's Muslim-sympathizing views, any claim you have to making our immigration system safer or that you'll actually do something worthwhile against terrorism and the Islamic State will be long gone.

Let's not forget that Carly praised Islam as CEO of HP.  She sure sounds a lot like John Kerry, the Bush family, and even Barack Obama.  

If she and Ted were elected, I doubt there would be any more effort to release the 28 pages of the 9/11 report that were withheld from the public.  Obama is fighting its release now and Bush kept it from public scrutiny before him.  Being that Ted and Carly are both part of the Bush cabal I think there'd be more effort to keep the truth from the American public.

In case you haven't noticed the Cruz ties to the GOPe, a couple examples are:

  • He also added Neil Bush who is responsible for the Savings & Loan crisis that cost taxpayers $1.5 billion.

And how does Ted keep attacking Trump for donating to the Clinton foundation when Carly has been directly involved in the Clinton Global Initiative?  Donald just donated some money to someone who asked for it.  Carly helped the Clinton efforts.  That makes it kind of tough to try to make anything out of a donation on Trump's part.  Also, notice that Carly's is the one bio that's been removed from the site.

Carly also supported the DREAM ACT that gives citizenship to children brought here illegally as minors.

The list of Carly's problems have been addressed by this writer before.  You can click the following links to see 2 posts I wrote about her last year to warn voters:

10 Things Carly Needs To Explain Before Voters Decide Whether To Support Her

Foolish Voters Fall For Phony Conservatives Fiorina & Rubio

No, if Ted's supporters don't already know what Carly is, they need to find out.  She's just another GOPe (GOP establishment) politician.  She didn't move from California to a D.C. suburb in Virginia when she was involved with the Bush administration just because she liked the area.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Which Do You Love More, Your Candidate Or Your Country?

Here's the Nonsense:  Your candidate is the number one priority and you need to stay with your candidate all the way to the convention even if he can't get the 1237 delegates he needs for the nomination.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The real question is whether the country or your candidate is more important.  

I am writing this to the Cruz supporters who truly are open-minded.  I say that because being a former Cruz supporter I can say for a fact that Ted has 2 kinds of supporters:

  • Those who support Ted but have understood that he may not become the nominee and, as a result- are willing to support someone else as nominee because they understand that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be nothing more than a 3rd term of Barack Obama, which would finish off what's left of America once and for all.

  • Those who support Ted and are not open to anyone else. They believe, for a variety of reasons, that Ted is the only guy and other Republicans are bad choices, some they even consider to be evil. 

Those in the first category are the people I'm interested in speaking to.  For you, America's future is doubtful unless we start making changes immediately.  And you know that if the Democrats continue to hold the White House (with Hillary or any other Democrat as president), it'll be too late to save America by the next election in 2020.

Like it or not, it is no longer mathematically possible for Ted Cruz to obtain the 1237 delegates to win the nomination of the Republican Party, even if he were to win every delegate in the remaining primary races.  

Sure, if there's a contested convention he might have a chance, although I have seen enough evidence to believe that the GOP will never allow him to win on any ballot.  But regardless of whether he could win on a 2nd or later ballot, if a candidate doesn't walk into the GOP convention in July with 1237 or more delegates, the resulting fight will fracture the party and no Republican candidate will be able to win against the Democrats.

The GOP needs unity behind a candidate and that must happen before the convention.

The only candidate who can still win enough delegates prior to that convention is Donald Trump.  He needs to win less than 58% of the remaining delegates prior to the convention to have the 1237.  That may be a hard task, but it's far from impossible.

But for the sake of America's future, it's time to quit battling each other and get behind the only candidate who can walk into the convention with the needed delegates to avoid a fight that will fracture the party and hand the election to the Democrats.

While it may not be what you dreamed of when you originally got behind Ted Cruz, it's time to accept that he can't get those 1237 delegates.  It's time to jump on the Trump Train, who is the one candidate who can.  Delaying it will only continue to divide the party and increase the chances of a Democrat being sworn in to the presidency next January.

The question you have to ask yourself is this:  Which do you love more, your candidate or your country?

Come on and jump on the Trump Train!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cruz Can Only Win Nomination By Circumventing The Will Of The Voters

Here's the Nonsense:  Ted Cruz can still get the nomination. Those who support him should hold and and fight for victory regardless of what everyone else thinks.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Cruz was the last candidate who had a chance at getting the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination.  It's now mathematically impossible and instead of trying to force his will on the voters, Ted needs to accept his failure and bow out of the race.

Contrary to what Ted Cruz and his supporters may think, Ted can no longer win the Republican nomination through the will of the American people.  There are not enough delegates left for him to get the 1237 he needs for the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican convention.  He may continue to claim that "playing by the rules" can get him the nomination at a contested convention, but the fact is that the American people continually refusing to give him enough primary victories have made it clear that they reject his candidacy. 

Ted Cruz has lost the majority of votes cast by the voters and any effort now to continue is only to try to subvert the will of the American people.  

I'm sure you've read all sorts of things in recent weeks about how Cruz has worked the rules in various states to take control of delegates in hopes that there'd be a contested convention and force a second, third, or more ballots.  The entire idea has been a GOPe effort to stop Donald Trump. The view of the establishment, fully embraced by Ted Cruz, was to keep Trump from getting to the needed 1237 delegates prior to the Republican convention.  If they can keep Trump from attaining that number, then the first ballot would fail and there would be continuous votes until a winner emerged with the required delegate count for the nomination.

Cruz's game plan for some time has been based on the knowledge that he really couldn't get enough wins in the primaries to get him the 1237 delegates needed prior to the convention for the nomination.  Once he realized that, he chose to realign himself with the GOPe and work to keep Trump from attaining those delegates, too.

Cruz has thought that by manipulating the delegate system he could get his people appointed delegates to the convention.  While they would have to vote for Trump on the first ballot, when the numbers fell short of the 1237, they'd be free on the second ballot to vote as they choose and they'd vote for Ted.  And, if it didn't quite work out on the second ballot, he figured he'd be able to negotiate for enough additional delegates to win it by the third.

What Cruz's ego hasn't figured is that once the GOPe would have Trump out of the way after the first ballot, they would dump Cruz and move to bring in their own nominee on a later ballot.  Cruz may be an establishment candidate (and if you doubt it, you need to remember that he was part of the establishment Bush administration and has filled his campaign with Bush advisors) but he's hated by the GOPe because they find him insufferable.  

It's been said over and over again throughout his life that he thinks he is always right, has a huge ego, and is terrible to be around for any length of time.  From his time in college to today, people who work closely around him don't like him.  In fact, when at Princeton his roommate has said he had a terrible personality and was not liked.  He said that girls in the female part of the dorm would ask his roommate to keep him away from their area.  At Harvard Ted refused to study with other students unless they'd gone to a select group of Ivy League schools for their undergraduate work because he wouldn't lower himself to studying with people who went to what he considered to be inferior schools.  While in the Bush administration it has been said that when a meeting was scheduled and people knew he'd be in the meeting they'd look for ways to get out of the meeting or, if they did have to attend, to keep it short and end it quickly so they didn't have to deal with him.

But Ted believes in his father's words from the time he was a little boy, that God has anointed him to be king and lead America.  Clearly that upbringing encouraged a huge ego and resulted in an unlikable personality such as I've described above.  That personality, too, would also explain much of the dislike for him among his senate colleagues.  

Like a typical politician or trial lawyer, Ted's trying to find a way to manipulate his way to get what he wants.  And in this case, he wants the presidency, even though the American people have made it clear that he is not their choice.

Ted's view is that as long as it's within the rules, then it's okay (I wrote about this a couple of posts ago.  Click here if you'd like to read it.).  But there's a higher standard than rules and that's morality.  

A Constitution-loving American would look at a bigger picture and the spirit with which our founders formed our nation. That kind of candidate would recognize that our founders created our nation to be controlled by the people (remember that "of, by and for the people" stuff?).  The founders did not create the system the political parties use today to make rules to control who can win.  The founders wanted this nation controlled by the people, but like the rest of the GOPe, Ted feels he knows best what's good for us.  The moral choice would be to respect the Constitution and, therefore, the will of the people.

Contrary to what Ted tries to claim, he has not been the big winner over Trump.  Trump has won 37.5% more votes than Cruz.  (Trump has won 8.8 million votes and Cruz has won 6.4 million)  But more important, after Trump's huge win in New York yesterday, there are no longer enough delegates left for Cruz to win the nomination.  Put another way, there are 674 delegates left to be awarded in the primary races. Cruz needs 683 to get the nomination. It's mathematically impossible for Ted to win enough delegates even if he wins 100% of the remaining primary races and all their delegates.

Trump has 848 delegates compared to Cruz's 554.  Trump only needs 389 of the remaining 683 to get the nomination on the first ballot.  Given Cruz and Kasich's mathematical impossibility to get to 1237, we will now start to see voters who are opposed to a Democrat presidency begin move their support to Trump.  Certainly some will stay with Kasich and Cruz, but movement toTrump will begin by those who realize it's time for the party to coalesce around a candidate to beat the Democrats.  The distance between Trump and the remaining Republican candidates will only continue to grow.

When you add Cruz's failing favorability (There are more people who say they would never vote for Cruz than say they would never vote for Trump.  Click here to my post about this a few weeks ago.) and his downward poll numbers, things are looking good for a first ballot nomination of Trump.

Next week are 5 important races including Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island that represent 172 delegates.  In every one of these states Trump is leading in the current polls.  With the landslide in New York yesterday it's very likely he will move up even further in most polls prior to the voting next week.

In addition, Cruz continues to fall in the polls and especially in approval ratings.  Most Americans agree that the voters should decide the nominee, not that delegates should be able to make the decision as the GOPe has set up in the rules for second ballot and beyond.

Following those contests we will see New Jersey's race with 51 delegates and California with 172 delegates on June 7. Trump is polling very strong in New Jersey and ahead in California.  And these don't even include other primaries still to be held between now and then, most of which Trump is polling well in.

If Ted Cruz really cared about America he would support the will of the American people over his own desires and support the choice of the people.  But my guess is that he will be too bitter to do that when it finally becomes clear to him that he's not getting his way.

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Constitutional Republic vs The Oligarchy They Have Forced Upon Us

Here's the Nonsense:  America's government is a strong republic controlled by the people, just as it was founded to be.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Not only is our republic far from what our founders intended, but we have this one last chance in the 2016 elections to keep it from being lost forever.

America long ago functionally abandoned its 3 branch system of government that was designed by our founders to keep balance and accountability in our system.  Throughout our history our system has allowed the people to retain control over the government by holding the politicians accountable through this system.  And it worked pretty well for a long time.  But over time the politicians figured out that they could move control from the people and keep it for themselves.  The politicians have become oligarchs controlling our government while telling us how to live.  We are now at a tipping point where the upcoming election will either lock in power to the politician-oligarchs or return power to the people.  

Anyone who is honest with themselves knows that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.  The first textbook used in American school classrooms was the Bible.  America's ties to Judeo-Christian values are a historical fact and cannot honestly be denied.  This is important because that heritage tying us to those values also can teach us something very important about our government and why retaining strict separation of powers in our 3 branches of government is critical for us to retain the freedoms that Americans have enjoyed throughout our history.
Americans, by the way, have been blessed with more freedom than any other nation in the world throughout all of human history.  No nation, in the past or present, allows its citizens the freedoms that our founders gave to us.  Most Americans take those freedoms for granted.  They think that other countries, especially English-speaking countries, are no different than us.  But citizens of Canada, Britain, Australia, or any other nation on earth do not have the freedoms we are given.

Whether you have a sole ruler, such as a dictator or monarch, or a group of people who govern in a very closed and controlled system, it all is the same.  A person or group of persons decide what is best for the people and, at the expense of the citizens, take for themselves all the perks of power.  When it is a group of people, it is called an oligarchy instead of where a single person controls and it is called a dictatorship (or a monarchy when it is kept within a family line).

While some monarchies, dictatorships, and oligarchies are more benevolent than others, in the end, they all make decisions for the citizens and restrict freedoms to some level. But all systems that keep control of the government in the hands of one or a limited number of people become corrupt and tyrannical.  Our founders saw this and set up our government to protect us from tyrants that would take over.  

When you look at the Bible, which Judaism and Christianity recognize as the Word of God and it is also the foundation stone of America's Judeo-Christian value system, we see it warns against a government controlled by an individual.  (And I will say that whether it be a monarch, dictator, or oligarchy, this warning is still an excellent lesson for us to learn from.)

In the book of First Samuel in the Bible, the Israelites wanted a king like those in neighboring countries around them.  Up to that point they had no ruler, just a system of judges that God had set up to guide them under His authority.  God warned that a king would become a tyrant and take advantage of them.  

In the book of First Samuel chapter 8, through Samuel, God told the Israelites that a king would rule harshly over them and do things ranging from doing labor for the king without pay, to taxation of the peoples' earnings, to taking the best things the people owned and produced and on and on.  He warned them that, "You will shed bitter tears because of this king you are demanding, but the Lord will not help you."  It goes on to say, "But the people refused to listen to Samuel's warning."  And once they began to have kings they found that the warning came true.

The people of America, while not seeking a single ruler or small group to rule over our nation, has sought to have a government that would give them what they want and not simply protect and support their opportunity to produce for themselves.  All the government programs are seen by many, if not most Americans as rights.  And to get those programs they've allowed the politician/oligarchs more and more power. Today we have a population that votes for benefits, not for a strong and successful nation.  

The result is that the very politicians elected by the people have become oligarchs who control our nation and continually work to take away our rights while building up their own power and wealth.

We've given up accountability to our Constitution and sold it out.  The Constitution is under so many attacks that it is hanging by a thread.  The very meaning of the words in the Constitution that define our freedoms are being attacked. 

As I mentioned earlier, no other nation in world history has given as many freedoms to their people as America has. And it's not that other countries don't claim to offer what we do. For example, North Korea's Constitution promises each citizen freedom of speech, religion, the press, assembly, demonstration, and association.  But the difference is how their government defines those terms.  North Korea is a terrible dictatorship where the people barely have enough food to live.  

In America we lose freedom through any action that results in the centralization of power.  When power is centralized, the politician/oligarchs get more control and the people get less freedom.  

Our founders set up our government, when run properly, to have changes made through the States or Legislative Branch of our federal government (the Legislative Branch, which is the House and Senate, are supposed to represent the will of the people and the States).  The president (the Executive Branch) is to keep them in check and vice versa.  And if the system falters or falls into disagreement between the two, then the Judicial Branch is supposed to make sure that they are doing things according to the Constitution.

Today we have an almost total collapse of that system. There is virtually no accountability.  Decisions are made to accommodate those in power or, more often, those controlling the people in power.  This is often big money donors who put pressures on them to make sure they are doing their bidding.  

When God warned Israel in the Bible, all peoples throughout the rest of history should have taken note and made sure that their nations did not fall into that trap.  Our founders clearly understood the dangers of allowing government to be controlled by one man or a small group of men.  They fought the King of England and his armies, the most powerful in the world at that time, to gain the freedom for citizens to rule over themselves.  That's what America was founded to be.

But today we see a huge push by the Democrat and Republican establishments, who have the same goals and are essentially a uni-party as opposed to being two separate parties, to stop those who stand against them.  The big money donors control both parties and don't want power to be put back in the hands of the people.

The thought of losing their power has the establishment of both parties scrambling to keep control of our government.  If they succeed in the 2016 elections, the erosion of our rights will continue and the chance of having enough of our rights left in 2020 to take back our government through the system our founders created will be lost.  This election is critical unless you want to sentence our children, grandchildren and descendants to a world where freedom is just a footnote in the history books (if they even allow that of footnote once freedoms are lost). 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Don't Believe Their Rhetoric. It's Stealing Your Rights.

Here's the Nonsense:  The political parties are private organizations and they can set their rules any way they want.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The parties have fooled Americans into buying their rhetoric.  The fact is that they have taken control of the system by setting themselves up as the arbiter of who can decide what's best for America... and it's not the voters!

There's a critical problem in America that must be dealt with if Americans are ever going to turn this nation around and put our government back in the hands of the people.  America's problems are more than just the government being out of control.  Both Republican and Democrat political parties are out of control.  And by "out of control" I mean:

  • that they are doing things are amount to nothing more than insanity
  • that we, the people, have lost control of the parties

Don't get caught by the rhetoric they're trying to sell you.  They want you to settle down and just think, "Oh yeah, I guess I was wrong.  The parties are private organizations and they can set the rules the way they want."  

In an effort to bring voters into line with their recent actions, Republican party insiders argue that the party is a private organization that can set its own rules.  While that may be true, in our nation our government is to be run by politicians chosen by the people.  But the party has manipulated their organization to such a point that they choose who will be the candidates and they set up rules that keep the voters from having control over them.  

This isn't about whether a current candidate follows the rules set up by the Republican party.  This is about those in control of the Republican party setting up a system that has disenfranchised voters and taken away their right to choose their candidate.  

Where's the outrage?  Which candidates are standing up for your right to choose who will be your candidate?  Do you realize that by not allowing you, the voters, to choose the candidate, that results in you not having a choice in who runs our government?

Only one candidate is speaking out about this.  His detractors are saying he's whining.  But he's so far in the lead that he's the only candidate that has any chance at winning the nomination through the voice of the people.  That candidate, obviously, is Donald Trump.

And Trump has written a very interesting op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that every voter should read.  It talks about how the right to vote for the Republican nominee was taken away from the voters in Colorado.  That op-ed is called Let Me Ask America A Question and in it Trump says:

In recent days, something all too predictable has happened: Politicians furiously defended the system."'These are the rules," we were told over and over again. If the "rules" can be used to block Coloradans from voting on whether they want better trade deals, or stronger borders, or an end to special-interest vote-buying in Congress—well, that’s just the system and we should embrace it....
I, for one, am not interested in defending a system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people. Members of the club—the consultants, the pollsters, the politicians, the pundits and the special interests—grow rich and powerful while the American people grow poorer and more isolated.
No one forced anyone to cancel the vote in Colorado. Political insiders made a choice to cancel it. And it was the wrong choice.
Responsible leaders should be shocked by the idea that party officials can simply cancel elections in America if they don’t like what the voters may decide.
The only antidote to decades of ruinous rule by a small handful of elites is a bold infusion of popular will. On every major issue affecting this country, the people are right and the governing elite are wrong. The elites are wrong on taxes, on the size of government, on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy.
Why should we trust the people who have made every wrong decision to substitute their will for America’s will in this presidential election?...
What we are seeing now is not a proper use of the rules, but a flagrant abuse of the rules. Delegates are supposed to reflect the decisions of voters, but the system is being rigged by party operatives with “double-agent” delegates who reject the decision of voters.
The American people can have no faith in such a system. It must be reformed.
To read the entire op-ed, which I highly recommend, click here to see if on the Wall Street Journal's site.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trump Needs Fewer Remaining Delegates To Win 2016 Nomination Than Romney Did At This Time In 2012

Here's the Nonsense:  Trump is on the ropes.  He needs almost 60% of the remaining delegates to get to the required 1237 for the nomination.  

Here's the Horse Sense:  Never count a guy who's spent his life winning as out before it's over.  Not only is 60% doable, but Trump is actually ahead of where Romney was at this point in 2012.

Contrary to what the media, the GOPe (GOP establishment) and his competitors want you to believe, Donald Trump has a very good chance of winning the GOP nomination.  He's ahead of where Romney was at this point in his campaign in 2012.  All the chatter out there against Trump's chances are a concerted effort to stop him, but it's way too early to doubt whether The Donald can do it.

If you haven't figured it out by now, not only are the mainstream media and Democrats untrustworthy and dishonest, but most of the sources we've all trusted for many years as good, conservative, honest sources are now being shown to be dishonest, too.  From major national talk radio hosts to so-called conservative news websites and most everything in between, we're learning that people have been bought off to try to assure a Trump failure and GOPe win.  

The constant thing we are now hearing from almost every corner is that Donald Trump has virtually no chance of getting the 1237 delegates he needs to win the nomination.  What most don't realize is that that's just a smokescreen to try to dissuade people from supporting him.

In 2012 Mitt Romney was the nominee and even though Rick Santorum gave him a decent challenge, he really could not compete with Romney's GOPe big money donor backing.  

If Trump is doing as poorly as they want you to believe, then they better not look back at Mitt Romney's run in 2012.

According to a CBS News article from that time, at this point in 2012, Romney's delegate numbers were almost where Trump is right now.  

The delegate requirements in 2012 were different than 2016, but here's how Romney then compares to Trump now:

Romney in 2012 

No. of delegates required for GOP nomination:  1144

As of April 12, 2012 no. of delegates Romney had won:  645

No. still needed for Romney to win nomination:  499

Trump in 2016

No. of delegates required for GOP nomination:  1237

As of April 12, 2016 no. of delegates Trump has won:  755

No. still needed for Trump to win nomination:  482

So, those who think Trump's chances of winning enough delegates to win the nomination aren't paying attention to history.  

The biggest difference between the two is that Romney was a GOPe candidate with the establishment and their big money donors behind him.  Trump is not an establishment candidate and isn't taking big money donations.  That's why the GOPe is so against him.  If he won't take the money from the big money donors, they can't control him.

Sometimes the best way to tell which candidate to support is to look at who their enemies are.  No other candidate has the "right" enemies that Trump does.  Here are some examples:

  • Mexico has warned America against electing Trump because they will see a wall go up that will close down access for their people to come to America illegally and no longer be a burden on their system. Trump will also eliminate the terrible trade deals between Mexico and the U.S. so that they no longer get the economic advantage over America.  Mexico's leadership is so worried about this that they are already replacing their representatives to the U. S. to try to stop these things.

  • Russia has warned America against electing Trump and suggested problems may arise because they are concerned about America's military becoming strong again under Trump, which would weaken their ability to continue their aggressive actions throughout the world.

  • China has warned America against electing Trump suggesting both the same kinds of problems that Russia has threatened us about because they, too, are in the middle of a huge military buildup and know that only America could stop them.  They have also threatened our economic relations because they are dependent on the trade deals with America to keep their economy growing.  They know that Trump would stop their currency manipulation and end their upper hand against us economically.

  • ISIS has threatened America against electing Trump.  That should speak for itself.

  • Even Japan, who has long been our friend and trading partner has expressed concern against a Trump election because they, like China, have taken advantage of the U. S. for decades with trade agreements that help them and harm the U. S.

That list of threats, warnings, complaints, or whatever you want to call them, should be enough by themselves to tell Americans who will make America stand strong and tall again on the world stage.  

Of the 17 other Republicans who entered the primaries and all the Democrats, too, not one has caused that kind of reaction from any other country or terrorist group.  


Because those countries (and the terrorists) know that they don't have to worry about the other candidates.  They only have to worry about Donald Trump.

That's a strong draw for voters to support him.  That's why no other Republican has drawn anywhere near the crowds that Trump has.  Americans are tired of our country being taken advantage of and laughed at on the world stage.

In fact, I heard that in the past couple days one of the other Republican candidates had an event where they removed the chairs so people had to stand.  The crowd was only a couple hundred people, at most.  But the campaign claimed it was standing room only.  They are trying to paint a picture that isn't truly accurate.

The media won't tell you those kinds of things, though, because they are determined to get an establishment candidate nominated.

When the truth is known, it's apparent that Trump represents a unique movement in American history.  He is far from knocked out of this campaign.  What happens in the next 60 days will be fascinating to watch because we will see how successful the GOPe is at stopping Trump or if it will have to be decided at a contested convention.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

You'll Never Have A Vote Again

Here's the Nonsense:  Primary and Caucus voters shouldn't worry about how things are handled.  They should trust that the people running the parties are doing what's best for them.

Here's the Nonsense:  The political party apparatus has become so corrupt that now Americans are at a place where the idea of government of, by, and for the people is not longer a reality.  We've allowed those in control to get out of control.

While most people in America couldn't care less what happens in Colorado politics, they are being very short-sighted for not paying attention.  The result could very well be the loss of you having a right to vote ever again in your own state.  This should be a wake up call for all Americans, not just for those in Colorado.  

Not too many years ago Colorado was changed from a red state to a blue state in only 2 election cycles.  I've written and spoken about it, and it's a serious issue for the entire nation.  But most people across the country ignored it thinking that it could never happen to their state.  Now we see more things happening in Colorado that are even worse.  What is happening now could very well take away your vote wherever you live, regardless of whether your state is blue or red.

The media is reporting that Ted Cruz got all the delegates in Colorado.  Yes, he did.  BUT HE DIDN'T WIN ANY.  

That's right, Ted Cruz didn't win one delegate from Colorado.  They were given to him as a gift form the Colorado Republican Party.  

The reason this happened was because the Colorado GOPe (the GOP establishment controls the Republican Party in Colorado, much like they do the national Republican Party) didn't allow any votes for candidates in their caucuses this year.  Way back last August, as reported by the Denver Post, the Colorado GOPe changed the caucus rules so that voters would not be able to vote for their choice of candidate in the 2016 caucuses.  Who the Colorado delegates would support would be determined by the Colorado GOPe, not the voters.

So, when Ted Cruz got all the delegates in Colorado this past week, it was because the GOPe decided to throw them to him without the proven support of the voters.    This angered some voters so much that voters like Larry Wayne Lindsey of Douglas County, Colorado (just south of Denver) followed the party's action by doing things like Mr. Lindsey did and posted to his Facebook page here.

This is about more than just Trump supporters being cut out of the process.  It's about all voters losing their right to have a say in who they want as their elected officials.

Yes, I can already hear the Cruz supporters once again firing up their keyboards to send me more hate emails saying that I just don't like it because I don't support Cruz.  What they don't get is that this is not about who the candidate was that got the delegates.  

It's about a voter having the right to cast their vote to make their voice known for their choice.  After all, America is supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people.  But if the controlling officials in a political party decide they don't care what the voters say and will change rules so they can control the outcome, then we really don't have the right to choose who governs us anymore.

It's no different than standing up for someone's right to freely speak their opinion, even when, no, that should be ESPECIALLY WHEN they disagree with us.  That's what freedom is about.  That's what America is about.

Now, I know there are those of you out there thinking something like, "Well, the political party has a right to set its own rules."

Yes, they do.  But when the party officials decide to control outcomes, then it's either time for reform of the party or for a new party to take its place.

The GOPe who control the Colorado Republican Party saw early on that Donald Trump had a good chance at winning the nomination and took action in the middle of last year so that he would have no chance at getting any support from Colorado.

I received a photo of a resolution put forth for the Colorado GOP delegates that is pretty unsettling.  I'm going to put the picture here so you can see it, but below it I have also retyped it so that you can see what it says more clearly.

Retyped version for easier reading:

Resolution to Forbid Colorado Delegates from Voting for Donald Trump
Whereas Donald Trump is not a Republican; and
Whereas Donald Trump is a demagogue who is using fear, hate, and lies to assemble a mob in support of an agenda of socialist policy, unlimited government, and strongman rule; and
Whereas Donald Trump would destroy the Western alliance which is the basis of American security; and
Whereas Donald Trump would destroy the system of international trade which is the basis of American prosperity, and
Whereas Donald Trump would destroy the freedom of the press that is the basis of American liberty; and
Whereas Donald Trump would destroy the rule of law which is the basis of American civil society; and
Whereas Donald Trump has mocked those who risked their lives to fight for America when he avoided doing so; and
Whereas Donald Trump has acted as an apologist for America's enemy Vladimir Putin and other brutal anti American foreign tyrants; and
Whereas Donald Trump has set himself forth as an open exponent of lust, greed, and other vices antithetical to Judeo-Christian ethics and the moral fiber necessary to sustain a republic; and
Whereas Donald Trump has demonstrated that he has no respect for the truth, and
Whereas Donald Trump has defrauded thousands of ordinary Americans of their life savings; and
Whereas Donald Trump has, in the course of the present campaign, committed acts potential prosecutable as incitement to riot, a federal crime punishable by up to five years in prison; and
Whereas Donald Trump has knowingly acted to degrade the Republican presidential nominating process to a vile level that can only serve to drive people of talent and integrity out of the party and assist in the election of the party's opponents; and
Whereas the nomination of Donald Trump for president would insure a landslide defeat for the Republican Party nationwide in the fall, and deeply damage the Republican Party and the conservative movement for years and possibly decades to come; and
Whereas a vote for Donald Trump by any member of the Colorado delegation to the Republican National Convention would dishonor and disgrace the Colorado Republican Party;
Therefore, be it resolved that:
1.  The Colorado Republican Party forbids any of its delegates to the Republican National Convention to vote for Donald Trump for president or vice president on the first ballot or any other ballot, and
2.  The Colorado Republican Party asks its delegates to national convention to pledge on their honor to do everything in their power to help secure the presidential nomination for someone other than Donald Trump.
Donald Trump has threatened the Republican Party with mob violence.  Let's tell him where to go!
  Colorado Republicans for Liberty

The purpose of CRL is to help serve American liberty and constitutional government by denying Donald Trump Colorado's 37 delegates to the Republican National Convention.  You can join us on Facebook.

I have to say that not only is this document filled with lies and innuendo, but appears to be to be libelous potentially opening the door to litigation.  Of course, even though I've worked a lot around attorneys, contract law, and legal issues for many years, I'm no attorney, so that's only my layman's opinion.  But at the minimum it is irresponsible.

And to show their glee at taking any chance away from Trump, the Colorado GOP tweeted this celebrating their victory over the voters (I say over the voters because it's really not about Trump, it's about voters having a say in the selection of a candidate):

Even if those controlling the Colorado Republican Party preferred another candidate, to celebrate that they've just stopped the voice of voters is disgusting.  And yes, it is possible that Trump would have lost anyway, but the point is that this is about what the voters want, not what the party leaders want.

Trump is being attacked on all sides.  It's no surprise since every other candidate that has been involved in the primaries has had Wall Street and big money donor financial backing.  And those who remain are part of the establishment.  And without being dependent on Wall Street and big money donors, he is not subject to their control.

And if those people lose control of the candidate, they have no influence to control what an administration does should that candidate win.

But, when Trump's name comes up it's so easy for people to get off track, regardless of whether they support him or not. The bottom line here is that the Colorado GOPe has now shown exactly what the national GOPe would like to be able to do to control the elections.

They think they know better than the citizens.  They think they are smarter than the citizens.  And the fact is that they are determined to force their will on the voters by lying, stealing, cheating, and changing the rules whenever they have to so that they win.

This is an important issue and voters need to be aware and start taking control of their state parties.  The people in power have far more power than citizens realize.  The GOP is not your friend.  They are insidious and need to be watched and held accountable.

That's why this election is so critical.  It may even be too late already, but we have to go down fighting.  Who among you wants to try to explain to their grandchildren why they let freedom slip away?