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Friday, April 22, 2016

Which Do You Love More, Your Candidate Or Your Country?

Here's the Nonsense:  Your candidate is the number one priority and you need to stay with your candidate all the way to the convention even if he can't get the 1237 delegates he needs for the nomination.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The real question is whether the country or your candidate is more important.  

I am writing this to the Cruz supporters who truly are open-minded.  I say that because being a former Cruz supporter I can say for a fact that Ted has 2 kinds of supporters:

  • Those who support Ted but have understood that he may not become the nominee and, as a result- are willing to support someone else as nominee because they understand that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be nothing more than a 3rd term of Barack Obama, which would finish off what's left of America once and for all.

  • Those who support Ted and are not open to anyone else. They believe, for a variety of reasons, that Ted is the only guy and other Republicans are bad choices, some they even consider to be evil. 

Those in the first category are the people I'm interested in speaking to.  For you, America's future is doubtful unless we start making changes immediately.  And you know that if the Democrats continue to hold the White House (with Hillary or any other Democrat as president), it'll be too late to save America by the next election in 2020.

Like it or not, it is no longer mathematically possible for Ted Cruz to obtain the 1237 delegates to win the nomination of the Republican Party, even if he were to win every delegate in the remaining primary races.  

Sure, if there's a contested convention he might have a chance, although I have seen enough evidence to believe that the GOP will never allow him to win on any ballot.  But regardless of whether he could win on a 2nd or later ballot, if a candidate doesn't walk into the GOP convention in July with 1237 or more delegates, the resulting fight will fracture the party and no Republican candidate will be able to win against the Democrats.

The GOP needs unity behind a candidate and that must happen before the convention.

The only candidate who can still win enough delegates prior to that convention is Donald Trump.  He needs to win less than 58% of the remaining delegates prior to the convention to have the 1237.  That may be a hard task, but it's far from impossible.

But for the sake of America's future, it's time to quit battling each other and get behind the only candidate who can walk into the convention with the needed delegates to avoid a fight that will fracture the party and hand the election to the Democrats.

While it may not be what you dreamed of when you originally got behind Ted Cruz, it's time to accept that he can't get those 1237 delegates.  It's time to jump on the Trump Train, who is the one candidate who can.  Delaying it will only continue to divide the party and increase the chances of a Democrat being sworn in to the presidency next January.

The question you have to ask yourself is this:  Which do you love more, your candidate or your country?

Come on and jump on the Trump Train!