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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Brexit Won't Save Britain

Here's the Nonsense:  Britain's vote to leave the EU assures their nation's future success.  Now they will no longer have the problems that have been tearing down their country.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Britain's vote to leave the EU, but it is just addressing a symptom of a much bigger problem.  Unless they fix the core problem, they are only buying a temporary reprieve from their ultimate destruction.

The results of the Brexit vote in Britain have the globalist establishment worldwide turned upside down.  To American conservatives this sounds like British citizens are rejecting the failed socialist policies of the British government.  But that's not the case at all.  In fact, this effort to leave the EU, while a good choice, will not save Britain from destruction.

The globalists are trying to come up with a way to stop Britain from leaving the EU.  But the people have spoken and short of outright theft and deception to reverse the vote, Britain's leaving the EU is set to happen (but don't be surprised if the globalists succeed in stopping the will of the people).  And many other European countries are hearing their citizens now crying out to leave the EU, too.  

At the same time, France and Germany are calling for the formation of a European Superstate. According to a report from the UK's Express, "Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels."  They think that forming one government for all European countries will solve their problems.  Sounds to me like a repeat of history.  Both Hitler and Napoleon thought turning all of Europe into one nation was a great plan.  

While the British citizen's demand to leave the EU seems like a similar cry against globalism that we hear here in America by the Trump supporters, it's not a rejection of the socialist society that has been set up in Britain and Europe.  It is not a turn to the same conservative nationalism that is exploding all over America.

The British are quite tired of the EU.  The idea of leaving was not popular among young voters.  The media and globalist leaders are saying that, as a result of the Brexit vote, the older people who strongly supported leaving the EU should lose their right to vote.  The glabalists believe those citizens aren't thinking clearly, but there is a really good reason why they voted the way they did.

Their vote was not a rejection of British socialism.  It was a rejection of Britain having lost its sovereignty as a nation to the EU.  They are old enough to have lived in Britain before the EU existed.  They remember what it was like for Britain to make its own decisions and not be forced to do things because of some European governance over them.  That is why they voted to leave the EU. They simply want their nation's sovereignty back.

But that won't be enough to save them.

Britain's conservatives are still to the left of our Republican establishment (and our Republican establishment is quite far to the left of where Democrats in the US were just a few decades ago). They still love big government and having that government control the lives of their people.  And the problem is that British citizens know no difference.  They've never had the freedoms we have in America.

For us to reject socialism is different than them.  We reject it because we see that it steals our freedoms, but they don't see that because they never had the same freedoms that we do.  To them this is about being able to make decisions as a nation that is free from the control of outsiders.  And because they don't understand the dangers of the big government socialism that controls their society, they can't understand that even after they exit the EU they will still continue to lose their individual freedoms as citizens as their government grows bigger and bigger.

The British also face other issues that will continue to work at taking down their country.

One of those is the political correctness that rules their society.  They are worse than Americans when it comes to political correctness.  Political correctness boils down to the government telling you how you must think and speak.  That is a problem that will destroy any society.  And Britain if far worse about political correctness than we are in America.

Another of their issues is their already overridden value system due to the huge influx of Muslim immigrants they've allowed into their country.  The immigrants' value system is different than the value system upon which modern British society was founded.  

Modern British society was founded upon the Judeo-Christian values that also are foundational to American society.  But Brits have slowly, over time, rejected those foundational values and allowed themselves to be influenced by failed value systems from other societies.  America is doing the same thing, we are just a few decades behind them in the process.  

When you add the influx of large numbers of Muslim immigrants bringing their faulty and failed value system into Britain, it has changed Britain's core (and has done so, too, in every country where it's been allowed to happen).  This is because Britain has quit expecting people who come from other countries to assimilate into their society.  When a nation does not require assimilation, the nation will be changed and even destroyed if the value systems it is allowing in are faulty.

London's new mayor is a Muslim who says he wants London to separate from Britain when it leaves the EU and he is welcoming all Muslim migrants to his city.  Areas of Britain are fully controlled by Muslims who have essentially set up Sharia law in those areas.  London is now known by many as Londonistan.

Just a few years ago Christian Action Network released a documentary about what was happening in Britain with Muslim immigration.  It showed how their society was being destroyed.  I guest-hosted a radio show at that time and had Martin Mawyer, the head of Christian Action Network, on to talk about it.  He told me that Britain only had a few years left before it falls and that the rest of Europe was close behind.  Then he added that America was on the very same path.

Britain's political correctness has caused a wholesale rejection of the Judeo-Christian foundation their country was based upon.  For example, the churches you find in Britain are more architectural models to be studied than they are used for spiritual purposes any longer.  Many Jews in Britain fear for their safety and are leaving the country because of the changes they see in their society.  Almost a year and a half ago I posted a piece here about a family moving to America because of it.  

Britain has abandoned what once was the foundation stone on which Britain's greatness was built, and that is why Britain is failing.  The infiltration of the Islamic culture combined with Britain's political correctness is a recipe for disaster.  Short of major changes, Britain as we've known it in our lifetimes will cease to exist in the not too distant future.

Leaving the EU may give Britain some sovereignty for a short period of time, but it will still fail.  Short of the British people re-embracing their Judeo-Christian roots, they cannot survive.  And Americans need to pay attention because this is the very thing at the core of the destruction of America.  Everything else people talk about are symptoms of this, not causes.  Unless this changes, America, too, will ultimately fail... regardless of what happens in our elections.