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Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando Could Cause The Biggest Jump In Support For Trump Yet

Here's the Nonsense:  Trump may have support among some, but the core constituencies that support Hillary will never move to Trump.  Not even a terror attack could get them to move.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The terror attack in Orlando is waking up even more people as to the importance of this election.  The radical Islamic attack on the gay nightclub is having an impact in the gay community that the left never expect.

For a long time many of us have asked what it will take to wake people up to the hypocrisy of the left.  All too often we've seen them act hypocritically over and over again only to see many groups continue to support them and justify that support with irrational rantings of the Democrat talking points.  But it looks like this time that is not working so well any longer for some people.  And that could cause the biggest jump in support for Donald Trump yet.

The terror attack in Orlando this weekend appears to be that event.

While there are still foolish leftists trying to sell us on the idea that the problem is gun control laws, their anti-Second Amendment views have been exposed so vividly now that there are some people beginning to realize that the left's solutions won't protect Americans from the dangers of this world.

Terror is once again not just in our backyard, but it is right in our front yard.  Orlando's tragic events took a huge toll on America and has made people realize that even though the president and his cronies won't use the term "radical Islam" the fact is that radical Islamic terror is here and specifically going after certain groups and people.

The Orlando terror attack was specifically aimed at the gay community in America.  And some in that community have finally come to realize that the left ignores the safety of that community while claiming to be its friend.  The president's political correctness that pervades the Democratic Party (and the GOP Establishment goes along with it, too) puts looking the other way whenever any question is raised about radical Islam as more important than anything else, even when it endangers other politically correct groups in America such as the gay community.  (Note:  It has been reported that the RNC asked Donald Trump to not comment on the Orlando attack, but just give condolences.  Fortunately Donald Trump doesn't bow to the RNC, but speaks his mind without fear or reservation.)

Many of us have asked how the gay community can support these people when the very Islamists the Democrats actions protect are murdering gay people around the world, and now even here in America.

But when you find yourself facing people who are going to kill you, it would only be logical to wake up and side with those who will protect you.  Some in the gay community are doing just that as they realize that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton won't protect them from radical Islam.  In fact, it appears that already some in the LGBT community have decided it's time to move their support to Trump.

Gateway Pundit is reporting that the Phoenix LGBT tweeted the following:

This is a huge positive development for the Trump campaign and an even bigger loss for Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Once a core constituency starts to leave support of a candidate, it can be like a snowball starting an avalanche that can't be stopped.

Clinton has already seen Trump gain higher support among the black community than any Republican has had in decades.  Current polling shows 26% of blacks support Trump.  And the Democrats think that Trump will get no support from Hispanics, but current polling shows 37% of Hispanics support Trump.  For Hillary to be losing so many in her core constituencies could be a sign of real disaster.

The Phoenix LGBT, like so many other Americans, get it.  They understand that we're fighting for our lives, not just the survival of our nation.  Any Republican politician that hasn't gotten on board to support Trump and defeat Hillary (which also means defeating enemies like ISIS that the Democrats won't stand up to), isn't worth listening to.  In fact, they don't deserve their elected office.  

Whether it's Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell taking their cheap shots at Trump for a variety of reasons or any of the other former Republican candidates like John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, or Ted Cruz who make excuse after excuse for not supporting him, it doesn't matter.  There is no love for America in a Republican who won't do everything they can to defeat the Democrats in November, including supporting the Republican nominee.  If they won't get on board, they don't deserve reelection to their current offices when the time comes.