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Sunday, June 12, 2016

What Does Campaign Efficiency Have To Do With A Candidate's Qualification For The Presidency?

Here's the Nonsense:  Campaigns are all different.  What one campaign needs for staff and expenses compared to another means nothing.  

Here's the Horse Sense:  Right in front of us we have a perfect example of how a candidate, if elected, would handle administration of the nation's business.  If they are wasteful in their campaign, they will be wasteful with our money when in elected office.

There have been all sorts of arguments laid out as to why Donald Trump is the only choice for president.  People have talked about his border wall and getting immigration under control.  His views on national security have been shown as another important area that is critical to America's future. Jobs and the economy certainly have been cited as reasons he is a far better choice than the Democrats.  And a strong military is certainly a driving force for many.  

These are not the only reasons, but some of the most common that you hear.  But a simple fact many people seem to miss comes down to business knowledge, experience, and savvy.  Most people in the media ignore this factor because they really have no idea what it takes to start, build, and run a business.  

But businesspeople can understand it.  And, quite simply, everyone should understand why a successful businessman is the best choice to lead America.  

If you've ever taken on personal risk by putting everything you have on the line to make a business successful, then you know what I'm talking about.  People who go into business learn quickly that efficiency is critical for survival.  

I remember years ago when I owned a business that was doing well in a very competitive market.  Profit margins were tight and I had to keep overhead low and be very efficient.  I had to watch every dollar spent to assure the biggest success.  Even when my businesses have been extremely successful I've always kept an eye on costs to make sure we can be as efficient as possible.

And, during years where I've been hired to run businesses for other people I've done the same thing.  No business or organization has unlimited resources no matter how big they are.  And only a fool spends money wastefully.

Yet there has been story after story of the failed campaigns of other Republicans during this primary season that showed they spent exorbitant  amounts of money during their campaign.  A perfect example was the Jeb Bush campaign that spent lavishly when they should have been watching every dime.

Whether it's the Republicans or Democrats who've been running, there have been few examples of money being handled well by the campaigns... with one exception.  That exception is the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump's huge success in business causes him to be very careful with money.  He has more money than all of the 2016 candidates who've run put together (that's all the candidates on BOTH sides of the aisle), and yet he is more careful how he handles money than any of them.

And, as proof of his understanding of budgeting, labor costs, efficiency of operations, etc., a recent graph has been put out comparing his costs to those of the two remaining candidates, Sanders and Clinton.  See chart below and click here for link to original source:

It's apparent that Clinton and Sanders have no idea how to run something efficiently.  They would make no efforts to cut wasteful government spending.  They would make no attempt to create efficiency in the government bureaucracy. They would only do what all politicians do, increase spending and pay for it with increased taxes and debt.  They would crush the chances of a future for our children and grandchildren.

With America facing the largest debt of any nation in world history, a debt that may very well be so large we may never be able to pay it off, the last thing we need to do is be inefficient in how we handle our money.

Donald Trump's life has been about running businesses efficiently.  That's something he brings to the presidency that no other candidate brings with them.  It's yet another reason why getting off the sidelines and joining the fight to see to it that Trump wins and the Democrats lose is crucial to our future.