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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ted Cruz: The End Of His Short-Lived Political Career

Here's the Nonsense:  Ted Cruz may have made a mistake at the RNC Convention, but it's no big deal.  Next election he'll be the Republican nominee for president.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Ted Cruz's suicide note (as Charles Krauthammer called it) at the RNC Convention exposed his true colors.  Voters saw it and of those still supporting him most abandoned him at that point.  But now it's gotten even worse for Ted.

Republicans and conservatives were watching when Ted Cruz gave up his political future in return for a few minutes of bitter vindictiveness.  The small number of followers that he still has hold fast to hope for his political future.  But it's time they wake up to the fact that Ted destroyed his future with his speech at the RNC Convention and his actions following it last week.  And if there was any doubt about it, not just pundits and politicians are saying it, but now the ultimate death blow to Ted's future has been laid on Ted's doorstep by Robert and Rebekah Mercer, Ted's biggest billionaire financial backers.

The New York Times is reporting that billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter, Rebekah, have just given nothing less than a verbal slap in the face to Ted Cruz for what he did at the RNC Convention.   The NY Times called it an "extraordinary public rebuke" from these two former donors to Cruz for not endorsing Donald Trump.

The Times article says:

So, here we have Ted's biggest supporters castigating him for what he did and saying that his actions are "revealing." They now see that Ted's bitterness over losing the primaries override not just his promise to support the Republican nominee and his responsibility to do what's best for America regardless of personal cost, but his bitterness also overrides his ability to keep his word.  And if a man's word is worthless, then he has nothing.

Ted claims to be a Christian and yet does not live by the very values he's supposed to live by.  Jews and Christians know that a core Judeo-Christian value is keeping your promises. In the book of Numbers (chapter 3, verse 20) it says, "If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word.  He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth."

But Senator Cruz has shown himself to be just another politician, which is exactly what he said in his campaign that he wasn't.  He campaigned on keeping his word.  The Mercers believed him and now see that he isn't what he claimed to be.

Remember that Robert Mercer purchased Cambridge Analytics to help Ted Cruz's campaign do voter analysis and win more votes, much like Obama had done in 2008 and 2012.  Mercer also purchased Breitbart News to sway conservative voters to follow Cruz.  And, if that wasn't enough, he put over $10 million into Cruz's Super PACs. That's a huge investment in a candidate to only have that same candidate fail in his patriotism when it counts most.

To lose the support of the Mercers is the ultimate death knell for Ted's political future.  Good luck Ted getting any future support from the likes of Robert and Rebekah Mercer.

We know voters are upset with Ted.  There is a lot of talk from Texans that they'd never vote for such a two-faced politician again and that when his term is up as senator they won't support him again. That sends a big message to other high level donors.

And what does this message send about those who've supported the Never Trump movement?  People like Erick Erickson, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Mark Levin, Steve Deace, and the Salem Radio and Media organization (that includes Red State, Human Events, Hot Air, even their radio stations) could all ultimately end up being in trouble.

This could also put pressure on Republican politicians who have fought against Trump to get behind him.  The size of the impact of the Mercers doing this is bigger than most people even realize.

The Mercers have joined the likes of billionaires such as Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn who also recognize that Hillary must be stopped.  They see Trump as the horse to put their money on in this race.  They understand that if Hillary is elected that there most likely won't be another race as we know it in the future.  So, they've thrown support behind Trump knowing that the future won't be bright if the Republican nominee doesn't win.

As for Ted Cruz.  Ted's support among voters has collapsed since the RNC Convention.  Gateway Pundit is reporting poll results showing the collapse:

We shouldn't be surprised at what Ted did at the convention or how he defended it.  Cruz was dishonest over and over again in his campaign but no one wanted to hold him accountable. When he continually tried to tell voters that Trump's positions on issues were the same today as they were decades ago (when Trump had over and over again written and spoken about changing his positions over time), no one said, "Hey Ted, that's not accurate.  People have the right to learn and grow and change and Trump has done just that."  Instead they allowed Ted to continue being dishonest in his portrayal of his competitor.

The list goes on and on but the bottom line is that he wasn't held accountable by his supporters.  The crowning example was when he said, after his RNC convention speech, that he wouldn't endorse someone who'd attacked his wife.  Yet the truth was that Ted's Super PAC had attacked Trump's wife first and Trump simply responded.  When questioned about the actions of his Super PAC Ted hid behind the law that says a candidate can't have interaction with their Super PACs.  

But he didn't need to.  In the past other candidates have faced situations where their Super PACs have done questionable things and the candidate issues a public statement rejecting their actions and it results in the Super PAC stopping what they're doing.  But Ted wouldn't do that.  He would say nothing against what his Super PAC had done.  

A public statement denouncing what they'd done is all it would have taken to keep Trump from responding. But when Ted refused to speak out against what his Super PAC had done, Trump responded.  And somehow Ted spun that into an attack on his wife, Heidi, instead of what it really was;  a response to an attack on Trump's wife, Melania.

I have refrained from writing a series of posts taking apart Ted's claims to conservatism and successes he claims while serving the people.  His political run was over so I dropped it. But now that he's done irreparable damage to his political future, it's important for us to recognize that he's put his bitterness first and left the best interest of America in the dust.  He's shown his narcissism and lack of integrity.  And the Mercers have shown that they now recognize it and have moved on to help fight for America's future.