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Monday, July 18, 2016

What Will The Removal Of Roger Ailes Mean For Fox News?

Here's the Nonsense:  It would be a shock for Fox News to let Roger Ailes go.  The network has been the only conservative place to get news and unbiased information.

Here's the Horse Sense:  It's just a matter of time before Ailes is gone from Fox.  They've moved continually to the left over the years and when their leftist owners finally get rid of Ailes you can expect them to go even more mainstream.

NY Magazine is reporting that Fox has decided to get rid of Fox News chief Roger Ailes.  Regardless of why and how they would get rid of him, an action such as this would have a huge impact on the news channel.  The real question is whether Fox would continue on its move leftward or would new blood bring it back to center-right.  That is what would determine the future of Fox more than anything, including the presence of Roger Ailes.

At 76 years old, Roger Ailes time as head of Fox News is limited no matter what happens.  Whether it be by choosing to retire, his passing, or the network firing him (or forcing him to resign) doesn't matter.  Nothing lasts forever and when you're 76 years old your days are numbered by, if nothing else, your remaining lifespan.

The recent lawsuit for sexual harassment brought by former Fox employee Gretchen Carlson against Ailes was the catalyst for the current situation.  Rupert Murdoch and his sons are said to be in agreement that it's time for Ailes to go.  And, given that Ailes' saving grace has been Rupert, this could be the situation to give enough ammunition to his sons to get rid of a man they have never had a great relationship with.  

Murdoch's sons are leftists, preferring Hillary Clinton over a republican president.  And Rupert Murdoch himself is part of the establishment.  At the beginning the primaries he said that he believed the best thing would be either a Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton presidency over the other candidates.  

The Murdoch's leanings, along with those of Fox's second largest shareholder, Saudi Prince Alawleed bin Tlal, are not conservative at all.  In fact, the Saudi prince, as Diana West wrote in an article for Townhall, is quite proud of his power to control news at Fox.  West writes:

"As noted in The (U.K.) Guardian, Alwaleed told an audience in Dubai that it took just one phone call to Rupert Murdoch -- 'speaking not as a shareholder but as a viewer,' Alwaleed said -- to get the Fox News crawl reporting 'Muslim riots' in France changed to 'civil riots.'"

Fox has continually moved left over the years.  Even a study in 2011 at UCLA showed that while Fox was further to the right than other broadcast networks, they were still center-left.  The old Fox News that people fell in love with back in the 1990's when it first started is not conservative and certainly not fair and balanced.  

While it was never truly conservative, it leaned more to the right in days gone by that it does now.  That's why huge numbers of conservative viewers don't watch their propaganda any longer.  

Fox has remained the top cable news network, but still has only a tiny share of Americans watching their channel.  (On its best nights even The O'Reilly Factor, their top rated show, only gets between 3 and 4 million viewers.  In a nation of 318 million people that's only 1.26% of the population.  

I've said all this to make the point that Fox ownership is clearly not conservative.  They are aligned with the Uni-party Democrats and GOPe in America.  Their behavior, especially in this election cycle, has been anything but friendly to the right.  The small bones they've thrown to the right have kept some thinking that Fox is still a good network, but the fact is that very little of Fox is fair and balanced.  

It's always been a matter of when Ailes goes as to when Fox would move even further left.  With this opportunity the Murdochs have a chance to make this now instead of later.  The question they are wrestling with now is timing.  Some say it could be this week, others say wait until after the Republican convention.  The bottom line is that Ailes may survive this attempt to get rid of him, but my guess is that he won't be with the network very much longer.  

So, as I've said for some time.  The worst thing you can do is watch Fox or go to their website.  All it does is increase their ratings, which means they make more money.  It encourages what they do.  

Some think that they have to keep an eye on Fox, even referring to it as the enemy (which isn't totally inaccurate), so they know what they're doing.  My view is that that's a justification.  The best thing those who still watch it can do is turn it off.  There are far better ways to learn what's going on than to watch a biased network that's determined to change the way you think.