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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

University Defends Its Actions Using Left's Tactics, But Just Proves It Isn't Worthy To Teach Our Students

Here's the Nonsense:  It's important for our schools, even universities, to be sensitive to the environment they are creating and how it impacts students.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Schools are places of education.  Sometimes education isn't comfortable but it's important so we can learn from it.  But these days political correctness has driven them over the edge to the point of making them unworthy of teaching our students.

The Daily Caller is reporting that the University of Wisconsin - Stout (UW - Stout) is claiming it cannot keep two historical paintings in their hallways because it is not "consistent with their values to try to attract more Native Americans to the university."  One painting shows French fur traders and American Indians traveling down the Red Cedar River by canoe.  The other shows a wooden fort constructed by the French.  Nothing disrespectful.  Nothing violent.  Nothing obscene.  Nothing negative at all, but the University of Wisconsin says they may have a harmful effect on the viewers.  And they insist that this isn't about political correctness.  

So, historical pictures showing things from America's past are now against the "values" of a university that isn't being politically correct by moving them out public view.  One of them will be put in the dean's conference room and the other in a library.  I guess that the people who go to those places aren't in danger of these images having a harmful effect on them.  (I wonder how they determine who is in danger and who isn't?)  

Personally, I think that UW - Stout will have a harmful effect on students. Their claim of this violating values doesn't even make sense, let alone show legitimate concern for anyone.

It seems that the latest terminology used by the left when they don't want to be questioned is to claim it's about "values."  

We see it all the time with leftist politicians. Think about it. Whenever President Obama wants to appear to take the high road in an argument (such as when he's defending bringing in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees with no way of vetting them to make sure they're not terrorists) he'll say something like, "Saying no to this is not part of our American values that we hold so dearly."  

When he says that, immediately all the loyal leftists get in line to wag a finger at those who stand against him and echo the president's claim that these people who stand against him are against American values.

We even see it from people like House Speaker Paul Ryan, a man who claims to be conservative but whose actions prove otherwise.  I seem to remember him standing against Donald Trump's call for a temporary closing of immigration from countries with known ties to terrorism.  But to try to look like he had American's best interest at heart, Ryan used Obama's method and said it would be against our values as Americans to have a litmus test for immigrants.

These people are trying to claim a higher moral authority by by saying that those who disagree with them aren't honoring the values America holds as a nation.  

But have you ever noticed that they never define or defend what those “values” are that they claim America holds?  They don’t embrace truth, morality, faith, justice, freedom, rights, family values, and the things that were traditionally part of the values our founders said were required for our nation to succeed.  Instead, these people use the term “American values” as just another way to try to diminish the credibility of those who stand against them.

This is where critical thinking is so important for Americans. We need to question everything and make sure we are not being led into false logic.  Never accept the premise of the politician's arguments, regardless which side of the aisle they claim to be on.  

Their plan is to drive you down a path and into a corner so that you will be backed into a corner and have to accept the logic of their argument.  That's exactly what UW - Stout is doing with these paintings they are moving.  They are using an argument claiming values when it's simply political correctness.

Don't buy into their faulty and deceptive logic.