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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Debate Fallout Against Trump That Doesn't Exist

Here's the Nonsense:  The Washington Post and other media outlets have reported that Hillary won Monday's debate.  Trump doesn't stand a chance against seasoned political veteran Hillary Clinton.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Trump's detractors in the media want us to believe that Hillary won a resounding victory in the debate Monday night.  But I'm not buying that the debates matter that much in an election cycle that has not held to the traditional model of modern elections.  

Ronald Reagan saying "There you go again." to Sam Donaldson from ABC News echoes in my mind as I listen and read the media attempts to paint a picture of a massive Trump loss / Hillary win at the debate this week.  But I believe it is just another example of the media trying to control the narrative instead of reporting truth.  Personally, I think there are too many signs in Trump's favor to think that traditional politics as usual has suddenly taken over this election cycle. Trump has defied traditional political logic throughout the entire campaign and at turn after turn he's come out on top.  I suspect that will happen from this debate, too.  

The fact is that the debate was nothing but a snore.  I was totally bored and wanted desperately to turn off watching Hillary's smug facial expressions, condescending and better-than-thou attitude, false accusations about Trump, and the fawning and biased moderating by Lester Holt.  But what kept me watching was Trump's ability to not fall for their traps and for him to take the high road when Hillary would not. Then again, Hillary has nothing to offer America, so she just falls back to the old Democrat playbook of attacking her opponent, even if it means lying and misrepresentation.  

Donald Trump refused to bring up Bill Clinton's terrible philandering history filled with accusations and out of court settlement against charges of rape, assault, and sexual misconduct.  This was even though Hillary was not a victim of an abusive husband, but rather she empowered Bill by running interference for him against the women involved. She led efforts to attack them and destroy them to protect her husband's power (and thereby protecting her position of power and opportunity for her future career).  But Trump said after the debate that the reason he didn't bring Bill's past up was because Bill and Hillary's daughter, Chelsea, was in the audience.  

In other words, he didn't want to put Chelsea in a bad position.  In doing so he very well risked losing an opportunity to remind and/or educate American voters to Hillary's past that would be very damaging to her campaign.  He put respect for Chelsea over his own political future.  And yet the left and the NeverTrumpers try to paint him as a bad guy with no moral core.  I think it shows a side of him that is very important for Americans to be aware of.  That action is the action of a gentleman who does respect women and children. It's a side of him that his opponents either want hidden or refuse to accept, but his actions Monday night speak far louder than any of their words.

Trump stood up at that debate and showed he has a very presidential side.  He doesn't have to get down in the gutter. He, unlike Hillary who directly called him a racist based on her ridiculous claims against him, didn't lower himself to that kind of fight at the debate.  He showed Americans that he wants to help America.  He showed that he understands that Americans are hurting and our people and businesses are in need of help to bring this economy back to the robust engine of economic power that drove wave after wave of prosperity throughout the 20th century.  

While Hillary was trying to paint a phony picture that her work with Barack Obama was a success that helped America, Trump was openly admitting that America is in trouble and we need to admit it and fix it or we won't survive.  

The voters can relate to what he said.  They heard him saying what they long to hear.  That's what really mattered at the debate regardless of what his detractors may claim.  And I suspect that's what will drive a majority of voters on election day.  They have a candidate in Donald Trump that is hearing what they are saying, saying what they are thinking, and rejecting the false claims the establishment of both parties is trying to sell us.

While Lester Holt was working hand in hand with Trump's opponents by ignoring such things as Hillary's email scandal, the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, the disaster in Benghazi, and more, he confirmed to those of us watching that there is no honesty or integrity in America's media these days.  

But that didn't stop Trump.  Americans saw a man who offers an ear to a nation crying out for relief and a shoulder to lean on while he works to lift America up and back to its former robust economic health.  His message that this is a movement is true.  And his repeated statements at his rallies that this is about the American people, not about him and he is just the messenger is being heard loud and clear by more and more Americans.  

Ann Coulter was right when, regarding Trump's debate performance, she said that he won by proving he isn't Hitler. He showed compassion and understanding of the heart of the American people, and that's worth far more than the traditional political banter that usually goes back and forth. 

Even Ted Cruz (who has long ago worn out his welcome with most American voters), Trump's biggest competitor in the primaries who refused to endorse Trump until the RNC threatened that he may not be allowed to run for president again in the future, said after the debate that it was Trump's best performance to date.  

And arch enemy of conservatives, Michael Moore, also said Trump won.  

Those who were watching and ignoring the media (even much of the so-called conservative media) saw that this was Trump's debate and Hillary didn't hold a candle to him.

But if that wasn't enough, yesterday, the day after the debate, Trump went to Melbourne, FL for a campaign rally.  Those who showed up proved, at least to them, that Trump was the winner. The Gateway Pundit reported that 15,000 people attended the rally and another 12,000 were turned away by the Fire Marshall who said safety concerns had to limit attendance.  The article also said that Hillary held a rally in Raleigh, NC but could barely get 400 people to attend.  

Somehow 27,000 people showing up for Trump versus 400 for Hillary doesn't sound like he lost.

So, before you get all concerned by the reports of the media that Trump lost and Hillary won, remember an old saying I learned years ago that applies here:  

When a mule kicks you, consider the source.

Granted, comparing Trump's detractors to mules is an insult to mules, so I offer an apology to them.  But the point is clear. Those who attack Trump with their false allegations and efforts to paint him as something he's not aren't worthy of a hearing.  Whether it's the Washington Post, New York Times, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, they aren't worth listening to.  Watch what is happening on the ground and explain to me how Hillary's attracting 400 people compared to Trump's 27,000 means that she's the one who is winning.  

The math doesn't work.  Trump is most likely poised for a landslide victory, but, as I've said over and over again, the left are known as being masters at voter fraud and election tampering.  It will take an overwhelming landslide for Trump to overcome their cheating.  

The real support of Trump by the American people will probably never be known.  If he can get the needed landslide to overwhelm their cheating, what we'll most likely see is a close election with a narrow margin of victory.  

So, it's important to get out and vote.  It's important to help to so overwhelm them that they can't win by election tampering. Don't let a bunch of dead people and illegal voters win the election for them.  Help provide a huge landslide like America has never seen and then we have a chance to see the rebirth of America's greatest days for all of our citizens. 

This election cycle is not like any in modern history. The closest is Reagan's in 1980 as he was thought to have no chance either.  But it's still very different from that election, too.  The media and Trump's opponents and detractors would have you believe their narrative of what's happening in this election cycle.  You can believe what you see or you can believe what they tell you.  Personally, I'll trust my eyes over their voices.