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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Will Hillary's Health Affect The Election?

Here's the Nonsense:  Hillary's collapse at the 9/11 memorial spells the end of her run for the presidency.  The Democrats will replace her as their nominee very soon.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Never count a Clinton out too soon.  The power of the Clinton machine to utilize the media's support is bigger than most people realize.  If her health is going to impact the election it's going to take more than what we've just seen for it to do so.

Questioning Hillary's health has suddenly gone from being conspiracy theory to being serious business.  Even though the media is still trying to downplay her problems, it's clear that her medical episode at the 9/11 memorial this past weekend has awakened many Americans to problems she has been hiding (and the media has been helping her hide). It's hard to hide a viral video of a candidate collapsing and having to be dragged to and thrown into a vehicle that then quickly speeds away.

Hillary has put forth a new excuse in light of her latest health episode.  This time she is saying that she has pneumonia. Past videos of coughing fits and other issues have been rejected by the media as just conspiratorial attacks on Hillary because they are determined to get her elected to office. After all, the media believe it is their job to decide who should be our leaders and they do everything in their power to make their choice get elected.

What's interesting is that what has actually happened with this video is far more than just raising awareness that Hillary has health problems.  It's exposed Hillary's penchant to lie. Her immediate reaction is typical of Democrat politicians. They lie first and when boxed in to a corner they lie even more.  

While it's still early and yet to be determined, the pressure could mount on her as the public could demand to know the truth from the media.  If that happens we may actually learn the truth about Hillary's health prior to the election.  

The truth could set us free by causing American voters to wake up and reject her as their candidate in massive numbers.  And that is what is needed for Trump to win because I have no doubt the voter fraud and election tampering will be in full force from the Democrats with the GOPe (GOP establishment) helping them along the way.  To overcome their actions can only be done if Trump's victory is such a huge landslide that it can't be denied.

The media has been protecting Hillary and will continue to do so as long as possible.  They have done stuff like this for a long time.  Hillary's past episodes of falling and fainting (in 2009 she broke an elbow and in 2012 she got a concussion) should have caused the media to scrutinize her, not protect her.  

If they truly loved America they'd be concerned that our president would be healthy enough to handle the demands of the office.  But instead they've continually protected her. They will attack their fellow news organizations before doing some decent investigative journalism to find the truth about their chosen candidate.

Throughout both hers and her husband's careers the Clintons have tried to play the victim card to get the media to protect them.  Remember when, during Bill's presidency, Hillary claimed there was a vast right wing conspiracy against them? The media bought it and used the idea to attack anyone on the right.  It's the same thing now.

Hillary's health may have a huge impact on the election.  If problems persist she'll potentially face being replaced as the Democrat's nominee.  

However, I wouldn't bank on it, at least not at this point. Short of some major public incident, we'd be wrong to think the media will report what's really happening (if they even know what is happening).  More than likely they won't bother to do investigation of any significance into this issue.  Their ideology to support Clinton is more important to them than any embarrassment they would suffer for not reporting the facts.

When the pressure comes on them you can expect them to pull closer, just as the senators from both parties did in 1999 when they chose to protect Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial in the Senate.  

The good news is the alternative media.  The internet and use of technology now makes things harder to keep covered up.  The real hope for Americans to wise up about Hillary is the ability of new technology and the internet to get the word out.  If enough Americans see the problems Hillary has been covering, her chances of retaining a strong following of voters is greatly reduced.