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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Number 1 Reason Hillary Must Not Win

Here's the Nonsense:  It really doesn't matter who wins the presidential election.  We can vote in someone new in 4 years if it doesn't work out.

Here's the Horse Sense:  There are many reasons why the winner of the presidential election next month is critically important.  The biggest one is what will happen if Hillary Clinton wins.  We won't get a second chance on this one. Thinking it can be corrected in 4 years is sheer foolishness.

If you or anyone you know is considering not voting for Trump, then you're making a huge mistake. Those who are refusing to vote for him use faulted logic in their reasoning against him.  While Trump has his flaws, we are to the point where it boils down to one of two people who will be our next president. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the winner of this election. No other candidate has a chance at winning.  
Let's not delude ourselves into thinking that Gary Johnson or Jill Stein could get enough votes to become president.  Don't think that if Evan McMullin gets the Utah electoral votes it will assure that neither Trump nor Clinton will be president.  (NeverTrumpers who support McMullin think that if he can win Utah, then neither of the two main candidates will get 270 Electoral College votes needed to win.  This would then throw the choice of our next president to the House of Representatives.  They believe that the House would then elect a solid GOPe globalist candidate like McMullin or Mitt Romney.)

No, the bottom line is quite simple.  Either the globalists of both parties will get Hillary elected or patriots will stand in their way and get Trump elected.  
If Hillary gets control, she will continue Obama's process of eliminating the rights of the American people.  She will turn over control of America to an international ruling body such as the United Nations.  We will no longer be a sovereign nation with individual citizen's rights.  
Don't think for one second that we'll have another chance to save America 4 years from now in the election of 2020.  The only chance of stopping the globalists is if Trump wins.  
How could either candidate reach their goals as president?  
The next president will appoint at least one and most likely 2 or more Supreme Court justices.

The appointment of Antonin Scalia's replacement still needs to take place.  The new president will do that as soon as they take office.  Right now, most people say that SCOTUS is split 4 to 4 between liberal and so-called conservative justices.  (The fact is that is that we can't count on all 4 to uphold the original intent of the Constitution.  Sometimes we get lucky and get 4 who will, but not always.  But using the media's definitions, the court is currently evenly split.) The new justice to replace Scalia will be the deciding vote in many future cases.

Given the age of many of the justices, there's a very good chance that one or two more will need to be replaced during the next president's term.  Depending on which justices they are, this could increase the number of liberal justices.  That would assure a globalist president their goal of re-forming America.  Or, if Hillary loses and Trump wins, it could assure conservative judges take the majority on the court. That could move the court back towards protecting the freedoms of American citizens.

Why is this such a worry?  Because justices are appointed for life (or until they choose to retire).  New justices are likely to be much younger than the older members on the court now.  They will most likely serve for at least 20 years.  That means that the rulings of SCOTUS in the next few years will define what America is for at least the next few generations.  
In fact, they may redefine it forever. The changes a liberal-controlled court would make may be so significant that they cannot be undone. America could lose its sovereignty and citizens could lose their rights.  That could result in citizens of future generations not having the right to make changes in our government that we do today.

There are many reasons Hillary Clinton must not win the election. But if you will only listen to one, then the Supreme Court appointments are the most critical reason.  

They will decide what America is and the freedoms citizens will have.  

They will determine whether you are allowed to believe as you choose. 

They will whether you have the right to think as you choose. 

They will determine whether your rights can be determined by an international governing body like the United Nations.

With Agenda 2030 now being pushed (It's predecessor was Agenda 21, but it's now been changed as I wrote about back in May.  You can read it here.) the thought of America being controlled by an international governing body should scare every American to the core.