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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Why Did James Comey Reopen Hillary Clinton Investigation?

Here's the Nonsense:  There's no basis to think that James Comey's reopening of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal has any merit.  He probably just wants to write a book.

Here's the Horse Sense:  There's no doubt there's plenty to go after in a legitimate FBI investigation of Hillary's email scandal.  But we have to wonder what's really behind his reopening of the investigation.

The reopening of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email scandal is raising everything from cheers on the right to screams of bias and unfairness on the left.  With Attorney General Loretta Lynch trying to keep the FBI's James Comey from reopening it (and don't forget that she's his boss), it might have taken real courage for him to do it.  What could have possessed him to reopen the case, especially when it could have major impact on the election outcome on November 8th?

Some say James Comey had an attack of conscience for not pushing harder when originally dealing with the Clinton email scandal and that's what's caused him to reopen the case.  

Some say he was embarrassed into reopening the case. With Donald Trump hammering constantly on the disgrace it was to not prosecute Hillary followed by many revelations in the Wikileaks and Project Veritas releases about Hillary and her campaign, it put a lot of pressure on the reputation of the FBI, and Comey in particular.

Others say that the NYPD division handling the Anthony Weiner investigation is known for a no holds barred method of investigation that seeks justice and doesn't give special consideration to individuals no matter who they are.  They believe that Comey may have feared that the NYPD would push their findings if nothing happened after they turned them over to the FBI.  The fallout and disgrace it would bring on the FBI would be immense if another law enforcement agency showed negligence and a lack of due diligence on the part of the FBI.

It's also been suggested that Comey might be trying to restore his reputation that was damaged so badly by how he handled the case in the first place.  And if the people within the FBI who were silenced by how he handled it before started speaking out it could further damage Comey and the FBI by causing rebellion in the FBI's ranks and even result in resignations.  Eventually that would be fuel for the truth behind the entire situation to be made public by former employees.

Another idea was put forth by Rush Limbaugh who said that Comey might be working with the Obama Administration trying to make it look like he's going rogue when in reality he's doing this to take attention away from all the damaging information coming out in the Wikileaks releases.  This would keep attention off of those releases until after the election.

And if those aren't enough ideas for the rumor mill, it's also being said that this might be the plan of Barack Obama.  By having Comey do this and appear to be taking rogue action, Obama puts so much pressure on Hillary that she is forced out of the race.  In that scenario Obama might cancel or delay the election and announce he will stay in power until a new election can be held (or until the next election cycle).  He would claim that the entire process has been damaged and he must stay in power to make sure things work out properly. Then, while the DNC works to come up with a new candidate, the RNC would use the opportunity to say they needed to start over, too, and try to replace Trump as their nominee.  Let's face it, the GOPe, which is full of NeverTrumpers and anti-Trumpers, would love another shot at getting the nomination for one of their globalist candidates. This would be an example of the Democrats and GOPe (the UniParty) working together to make sure a globalist is elected and Trump is kept from taking control.

Which one of the above is correct, or is there another scenario that is correct over all of these?  We don't know and won't know until it all shakes out.

But remember, in 1992 when Bill Clinton was running against George H. W. Bush there was a last minute indictment of Bush?  The Washington Examiner reminds us in an article about it.  It says that indictment against Bush for involvement in the Iran-Contra affair damaged Bush to the point of losing the election.  (It should be noted that the indictment was thrown out later, but not before it had done damage to Bush's campaign and the election was over.)  

The Clintons are now crying foul about Comey's reopening of his investigation against Hillary, but it's ironic that 24 years ago they faced a similar situation that benefited them.

Many on the right are saying this is the nail in the coffin for Hillary's campaign.  I'm not so sure.  It could be, but she's got so many scandals that have been made public and she's still in the race.  This might impact her, but my suspicion is that if it does it's only because it's the straw that broke the voter's backs.  They may be to the point that it's just too much with everything else that's come out.  And they may decide that so many things haunting Clinton are too many to have in a new president. Of course that's assuming it really isn't a ploy being used by Obama to stop the election entirely.  We'll know in 9 days.